Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 4 “Corinthians 10:20-21” Recap & Review

Corinthians 10:20-21

Episode 4 from Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with everyone going out of the museum. Vincent beaten-out Ava within his grasp and Vincent takes her away and away, down the street that is abandoned. In the street, Ava wakes up. Vincent informs her that their final battle with Adriel will not be a success. Actually, Vincent predicts that it will be a death sentence for her. “Put it off as long as you can.” He adds, “I’ll pray for you.”

Vincent is eventually released with the crown, but he kindly leaves Ava. However, he’s stunned by Miguel who appears and starts fighting with him. He quickly eliminates Vincent and takes Ava to safe haven. He is in fact sent to assist Ava by the side of the road, which is Adriel’s realm. He is able to assist in stopping Adriel however, to accomplish this they must escape from the police.

If a group of believers crosses the bridge in gas masks Ava thinks this could be the coming outbreak and believes they should go after the group to see what they might be hiding.

Even though Miguel isn’t convinced that this is a great idea they do eventually walk through the fog. However, Miguel’s face appears to transform into an apparition of a demon. The fog seems to bring hallucinations. Make sure The Scarecrow isn’t lurking about! (Shout out to all Batman Fans!)

In the meantime, Lilith confronts Adriel, saying she doesn’t have a place to go. She’s concerned regarding the burns and bruises on her arm. Adriel finds it fascinating and believes she’s becoming something else. What exactly is to be determined?

Mother Superion and the other Nuns pack incapacity Vincent in the rear of their vehicle and escape the police. While they achieve this feat, the movie they drive by is burning, which indicates that they’ve been harmed. And it’s also the case the movie Morbius is probably showing and it’s what happened. The only way to solve this would be for nuns to go into hiding. But what do you do to hide from someone who’s everywhere?

Jillian’s quest for truth leads the way back Arq-Tech where she discovers horrified, yet another cross located in the basement. Kristian is among the worshipers on the floor, however, when Jillian inquires about his motives, Kristian says that he is “completing her mission.” Jillian is not interested in this, despite opening the portal and the release of Adriel herself. Jillian is disappointed by her friend and decides to leave she is not willing to be one of the worshippers of Adriel.

The next scourge appears to be progressing as the fog gets denser and individuals scream and scream in fear. Miguel and Ava appear as Adriel worshippers and arrive at an altar and are shocked to see another one of the red demons emerging and controlling people. They’re stunned to discover this, in the disguise as Adriel “healing” them, which is what Adriel’s army is supposed to be.

Miguel informs Ava to guard the crown before unleashing his own demon blue and shimmering which he then blasts out across the whole church. When all chaos breaks out, Ava jumps in alongside Beatrice and she appears to assist, triggering an extremely well-choreographed and smooth battle sequence to unfold.

The camera moves smoothly between the three, but there’s more than they can handle, and eventually, they’re forced to withdraw, particularly when demons are seen. Unfortunately, Ava’s Halo appears to be intermittently switching off and off and as the fog is also moving in, Miguel clutches his chest and thinks he’s found the spot to get away from… in his world.

The Episode Review

The action sequence that was featured at the end of the episode was really well-done and is easily the best of the season thus far. This is the one that manages to create ripples of laughter and it works quite well. It’s not overbearing or deviating on the stakes as Marvel films are today, and it works well to add a touch of fun to what’s an extremely serious and tension-filled story.

It is now apparent that Adriel is making use of Lilith to serve his own demon goals and twisting the situation to make it appear like Lilith is a force for good. However, Ava’s strength is beginning to wane which may be a factor in this.

Whatever way the whole thing looks like it’s going to start in a major way in this second quarter of the season and it’s going to be quite an exciting ride at the time it starts!


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