Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 5 “Mark 10:45” Recap & Review

Mark 10:45

Episode 5 from Warrior Nun Season 2 starts with Adriel confessing that he was attracted to Areala. When he first arrived on Earth in the past, he constructed an underground temple that was inverted. He was determined to utilize the church’s power to bring people a new strength and the truth of his own.

Area requested God to help her as Adriel began to become heavy, and it came in the form of the Crown of Thorns. The area was able to take the Crown and was determined to attempt to stop Adriel But he was just too strong. The entire OCS battled against him, however, even though Areala was defeated, however, it was the Crown of Thorns was placed on his head and the temple of his head became his grave. The area was killed to catch him. It could be that Ava is headed down the same route and may lose her life due to it.

The group meets again with Jillian who is stunned to learn that Miguel actually Michael alive and healthy. He’s certainly aged a lot which isn’t unexpected given the information we have about the Arc. It’s been about 15 years since his death and the Arc is still haunted by ghosts from the past.

Miguel believed he was going to heaven, however, instead he was lost in an empty desert, lonely and terrified until he was taken to Reya the angel’s master who was able to heal him and taught him how to end Adriel regardless of the circumstances. The entity appears to be the same entity that Jillian observed on the footage from in the last episode. When Miguel looks at it at the screen, he’s shocked and is seen walking away from the monitor questioning his strategy.

Superion receives a phone call from Duretti, who asks them to meet and consider Adriel. Superion attends with many other priests. Durutti informs them that a wolf has walked through the crowd standing on its feet and pretending to be Adriel.

While the group squabble and disputes over the character of Adriel and God’s will, Superion has heard enough. Superion explains to them that this is a lot bigger than the church. Adriel could cause a global catastrophe that could result in the death of millions.

However, it’s an elaborate ploy because a large number of bishops worship Adriel and begin to kill those who are “non-believers”, turning the room into an unending battle. Mother Superion wins over all the others, while Duretti fends off. They’re all controlled and pursue them through the halls. Yasmine is being shot during the course.

Adriel is an expert manipulator and since the attack on the convent, Camila has been experiencing horrifying visuals and headaches. Also, she’s hearing voices. The cause is a Divinium Cross that one of the sisters put in her neck which allows Adriel to talk to her.

While Camila refuses to accept the invitation, Lilith embraces it with full embrace. She accepts Adriel to kiss her face and send some kind of spiritual power into her under the pretense of seeing the truth of reality. She also sees demonic entities that are swarming around the space.

Vincent is back at Arq-Tech where Kristian appears from the shadows. After being hit to pieces by Superion in the last episode, Kristian suggests they be patient in the knowledge that a reckoning will be coming. Following the bloodbath at the Conclave, it may be happening sooner than later.

Superion calls Camila and solicits assistance, requesting extraction. While they wait, twitching their thumbs, Superion asks for Duretti’s assistance to stop Adriel prior to it for her to be. After disclosing the facts about the role of the Arq-Tech in causing these afflictions, Superion implores him to believe in it.

In terms of faith, Jillian deduces that the energy source behind Adriel might be directly linked to prayer. In particular, she believes Adriel found a way to harness that energy and transform the energy into. This is why Kristian created the cross and placed it in the chamber, making sure that it acts as a conductive structure. The crosses are employed to redirect the energy to power these scourges.

After the escape from the gang, the Order begins to regroup, while Duretti is willing to offer himself to Adriel determined to attempt and outwit Duretti. In the meantime, Lilith embraces what Adriel declares is her purpose and allows wings to rise off her shoulders and dark to devour her.

The Episode Review

Adriel’s influence is all over the place and it seems that Adriel is using the power of prayer to influence and alter people according to suit his purposes. This isn’t good news and especially so since it appears Arq-Tech is behind the technology in order to assist Adriel to increase his power.

It’s clear now that Adriel is clearly and completely manipulating Lilith and is determined to mold her into a demon-like image of her very own. That’s certainly not good news for anyone, but much more the case for Ava and the others who will likely be confronted by their sister sometime in the near future.

Warrior Nun has been enjoyable to watch and even though there are a few uninspiring and absurd moments, it’s a fun teenage drama in the end.


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