Warrior Nun – Season 2 Episode 6 “Isaiah 40:31” Recap & Review

Isaiah 40:31

Episode 6 in Warrior Nun Season 2 starts in the past, and it ends with an important discovery. It is revealed that Mother Superion actually bore the Halo herself for three months prior to when it was passed to. Insufferable and self-confident, she chose to ignore her sister and set out to save several hostages, employing the Halo to take on the speed of the soldiers who stood in her path.

After taking out her Halo excessively her reckless behavior caused killing one hostage. The result was that Superion was overcome by sorrow and guilt, she was unable to retrieve her Halo since it refused to accept her.

Superion The Superion explains to Ava everything she’s learned to ensure that she doesn’t fall for the same mistake she made. The group plans to fight back and take on Adriel in the areas that hurt him, and that includes showing the Cathedral where he’s scheduled to deliver an address on television the morning of the next day at 9 am. Ava believes that they need a multiple-point strike squad at the ready. We are certain that Adriel is set to unveil his angel, who is, of course, Lilith.

It’s also possible to discuss the Arc as well which appears to be linked to the endgame. It’s not likely that he’s attempting to return since he was exiled in the past 1000 years however it may be that he’s trying to bring something into our world. It’s logical, and that sparks Miguel to take action. Miguel speaks to Ava with confidence and explains that nothing could ever beat Adriel.

Miguel acknowledges that Reya has smuggled him using an explosive device stuffed with Divinium to impede Adriel’s capacity to heal. It is his duty to drop the bomb and effectively act as an armed suicide bomber. Ava’s job requires her to make use of the Crown to disarm Adriel to allow him to achieve this. But the thing is, Miguel is actually the bomb and there’s no way for them to explode it from afar.

Camila calls Adriel and is trying to get her to go along with him. Camila assures Adriel that communication is not just one-way and in turn, she plans to test and make use of it to gain an advantage over him. Adriel dismisses this and promptly leaves, before returning to Vincent who requests some advice.

Adriel compares himself to God in a way and says that he’s determined to change the world. Vincent is a bit skeptical about his method however Adriel is adamant and declares it’s essential. Since the human race only responds to two things: fear and money. In this way, Adriel intends to guide humanity back to a brand-new age of tranquility and peace. But, Vincent is clearly starting to doubt.

The next day, Mother Superion gives a briefing to the Order and tells them that it won’t be an easy task. If they are successful in their endeavor the result could be that the world will view them as the ‘heresy’ and will forever hate them. Their actions could alter everything, even the nature of the belief system. Ava is the only one with the details about what’s expected to transpire.

When Adriel arrives prior to his followers to show, Yasmine will enter with her credentials for the press while the other members will dress in disguise and enter through a side entrance. Beatrice has earlier brought reinforcements to boost up their troops and will join an unidentified group of Samaritans.

As this happens, Camila will break into the server room and communicate with Jillian and Ava will set up a signal relay on the cathedral roof to allow Jillian access to Arq Tech’s plague generators. Doing this, it will enable Duretti to step in and make known Adriel for fraud in front of all of us.

If he’s angry, Camila will serve as an escape route, Ava will place the crown on his head, put him in a box and throw him into the Ac and blast it off so it’s locked in that world. Simple, lemon squeezy. Right?…right? But there’s an issue. None of them has actually considered Lilith having been there.

The gang goes ahead and begins to implement their plan, but Ava’s Halo remains in a state of failure. She could climb the top of the building or even get a position above the button inputs however, she can’t achieve this. Instead, she ends up falling to the ground and faced with an ominous shadow that is standing over her. It’s Lilith. The two fight in the balconies until Halo suddenly starts working again and allows her to hit Lilith back and trigger the buttons exactly the same way.

Even though the plan appears to be a hit… There’s an issue. They don’t have any control over this system and it appears like everything was an attempt to expand Adriel’s power. Ava descends, while everything goes off trying to put the crown on the head of Adriel… and failing.

Miguel arrives and is stabbed by Adriel however Vincent is able to seize the Crown and go away leaving the entire plot in chaos. While this all goes along, Adriel shrugs off the injury to his neck and is able to best Miguel while the priests arrive and attempt to take over the Arc with the help of force. Naturally, they fail and Mother Superion manages to stop them all.

There’s more to come but the detonator has already been destroyed. The only way to solve the problem is to ignite the charges manually… But it’s way too late. Superion dies shortly before she can set the charge off with her hands. Jillian is on the opposite side of bulletproof glass being forced to watch as the woman is shot dead. While she watches, Adriel looks up at the sky, giggling in a maniacal way, “Reya. I missed you again.” He exclaims with glee.

The Episode Review

The most recent episode of the Warrior Nun shows the plan’s complexity going off the rails it was obvious when it was first thought of. The plot relies on many moving parts that all come together in the perfect moment as well as the hope that Adriel does not look at the ceiling. It turns out that Vincent and Lilith were the key players in this and consequently, Ava isn’t able to meet her goals. Again.

Mother Superion’s demise was possibly set up very early in this particular episode, considering how it began, but there’s still a bittersweet aspect to this episode, considering the role she played in preparing the girls for the fight that is to be.

In any case, the whole situation is in doubt, and big question marks concern what exactly will transpire in the next few days.


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