Warrior Nun Season 2 Review – A bombastic follow-up that improves in almost every way

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Warrior Nun is not the most enjoyable movie and has no need to be so enjoyable. From a distance, the concept is completely absurd and bound to be a failure. When it comes to teenage dramatics Netflix specifically has many a mixed bag of content. It’s good news, Warrior Nun is one of the best.

The story follows 19-year-old Ava who awakes in the morgue having been granted a second chance to live her life. Her new lifestyle comes at a cost. The Warrior Nun is a legend who is a formidable warrior tasked with battling strong forces both from Heaven as well as Hell. The most notable of these is Adriel the terrifying enemy who was freed in the last season, and the person who appears as the antagonist principally.

The story continues two months following that huge abrupt cliffhanger. Ava is hiding together with Beatrice in Switzerland and the other sisters are scattered all over Europe. Adriel’s influence slowly begins to grow, and as he gains control of Arq-Tech and draws players like Kristian and Vincent into his side it’s the responsibility of Superion along with the remaining nuns to attempt and squabble and stop Adriel before it is too late.

The plot is quick and fast-paced and has plenty of action and drama throughout the course. There are some interesting twists and turns in this film and the action is very well-choreographed, and quite violent as well. The one fight that stands out is during the midpoint when the camera swoops around three characters as they engage in their battle while delivering stiff strikes and hard kicks traded against numerous adversaries. The final part of episode 1 is a bloody fight which is quick and uses slow-motion to emphasize the power the nuns have.

Ava’s story this season is a lot more engaging, due in large part to an amount of wailing and more focus on her actions. Ava’s story is quite impressive and, by the conclusion of the story, you’ll want to be able to predict what’s next. A similar can be said for Vincent too, who is also having his faith tested. Meanwhile, the newcomer Miguel is a good character with a solid (albeit too obvious) character arc. The other characters are all able to be used as narrative tools to help the plot move forward however there’s never any feeling that someone is holding back this show.

The idea of mixing religion and science isn’t new, however, there’s definitely a Da Vinci Code feel to the way in which the mystery is woven. The idea of The Crown of Thorns and other artifacts of religion work effectively in the story but the narrative itself does have its share of the cliches that are typical of stories of this kind. Expect lots of “chosen one” conversations along with an apocalyptic scene and an ominous foe to be the main dishes of the day in this one.

Despite its somewhat traditional and conventional plot elements, Warrior Nun is a very enjoyable show. This season builds on the groundwork laid last time out and it does it with plenty of energy and flair. This is one drama for teens you won’t want to miss out on. We just need to keep our fingers crossed for season 3 right now!


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