10 Movie Sequels We Want To See Greenlit

There are many sequels coming and they include follow-ups in the wake of Enchanted, Avatar, Knives Out along with Attack the Block. We’re hoping that they’re worthwhile and worth the films which they’ve made.

At the time of writing the next sequels haven’t been approved. There’s a possibility that some of these films might appear in the near future, however, there are some in the pipeline that likely (and unfortunately) aren’t!

See the list below and tell us what sequels you’d like to see come in the near future.

A brand new Home Alone movie with Macauley Culkin.

The two original Home Alone movies are now seen as Christmas classics, despite the extreme violence that is against the message of peace to all mankind! The sequels? They’re not so great. “Home Alone 3 and Home Alone The Christmas Heist were rather mediocre and the reboot from last year Home Sweet Home Alone – was not particularly good either.

The main reason these films didn’t succeed was the script since the screenwriters could not recreate the essence of the originals. Another reason they didn’t succeed was the absence of Macauley Culkin! Yes, he’s grown up however is that an adequate reason to create a Home Alone movie without Kevin Mccalister? We don’t think so.

As the story progresses, we’ll witness a mature Kevin tired of work and the stress of having a family. If his wife is planning an excursion with her parents for the time of Christmas Kevin might fake an illness to stay out of the long-awaited trip. When she is leaving with her children for the holiday, Kevin could remain home at home and relax in his own space in the same way as his younger self enjoyed his home in the first film.

Naturally, the me-time would not last for long as two surprising guests would appear at his door at door – Harry and Mart! This would set the stage to get into a more cartoonish saga as Kevin fights the burgling (and bungling) a couple of times!

A Live-Action Peter Parker/Miles Morales Spider-Man movie

Peter Parker and Miles Morales have already appeared together as part of Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse however, a live-action film featuring the two of their characters would certainly be welcomed. In the event that Tom Holland does agree to return for one final Spider-Man film, it might be this one. In addition, he may meet with Miles to guide him through the art of web-slinging. This could open the way for more Spider-Man films with Miles in the middle in place of Peter.

There are many actors who could play the part of Miles. Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu) could be a suitable option, but Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin and Lonnie Chavis (This is Us) are also viable candidates in the event that the creators of the film wanted to cast a younger Miles.

In a nod to the previous Tom Holland Spidey films, the collaboration movie could be dubbed Spider-Man: Miles From Home (we are copyrighting this name in the same way as you read this sentence). For the villain? It could be The Prowler, the first adversary Miles faced in comics, and who was last seen during the animation Spiderverse film. It is also possible to be seeing The Return of Mysterio or Venom in the same way as Miles faced both in the comics he wrote about.

Another opportunity is available to Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

A new Green Lantern movie? Are we kidding? Well, no! If Hollywood will decide to go ahead with an action movie and they want to do so, they might as well decide to go ahead with an actual hero with the ability to shine a green light thanks to the alien-inspired ring (not an abbreviation)!

So that isn’t the most compelling reason to have Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern. However, since the first film was a missed chance and a missed opportunity, it would be nice to witness Reynolds get another shot to reprise his role as Hal Jordan, the reckless test pilot granted shape-shifting power from The Green Lantern Corps.

It’s a shame that this is one sequel that’s unlikely to come out because Reynolds hasn’t expressed any intention of returning to the role. Reynolds has even said that the first movie was one of his greatest regrets! What does this mean? Does it mean that another live-action Green Lantern film is unlikely to be made? There’s no confirmation of a film as of this writing, but there is a Green Lantern television series is being developed with Warner Bros apparently, despite the recent changes to the studio which resulted in Batgirl being canceled.

Based on reports, this show will be centered around a variety of Green Lanterns from the comics which include Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine) and Guy Gardener (Finn Whitrock). Are there any chances that Reynolds be a guest on the show in the role of Hal Jordan? It’s not likely, but we’ll bet our money on it. when the sun is shining brightly and darkest night, we’ll not allow the thought of a Reynolds appearance slip our minds!

There are 3 Tomb Raider movies to date with two of them starring Angelina Jolie and one starring Alicia Vikander. Are we really in need of another? If you’re a lover of games the answer is likely to likely be “yes,” especially if you’ve been disappointed with the film adaptations we’ve seen up to now. Although they’re not exactly terrible they didn’t capture the adventures of Lara from the video games as there wasn’t nearly enough tomb raiding and problem-solving.

There was a plan for a second film featuring Vikander but after MGM ended up losing all rights related to this franchise, the idea of a sequel was canceled. It’s a shame, but it is possible to make a sequel in a different studio with Vikander as the main character in the event that she agrees to be a part of it. Similar to Jolie before her she was an excellent Lara Croft, even if her Tomb Raider movie wasn’t a total success.

In the event that Vikander decides to leave the role for another project, the sequel could have an actress who is not Vikander and Florence Pugh would be an ideal choice. Alternatively, the new studio may decide to restart the series. Whatever direction the franchise takes in the future we’d love to see it adhere close to the previous games of the series, maybe with a T-Rex surprise attack, or a scene in which Lara mistakenly locks her butler inside her refrigerator (gamers will be able to recognize these reference).

Return to the realm of Narnia

If you liked the earlier films that were set in the world of Narnia The Silver Chair The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and Voyage Of The Dawn Treader You might have been anticipating the version of The Silver Chair, which was the final book within CS Lewis’ fantasy series that was the obvious choice for the next film adventure.

The sequel was set to launch, but Walt Disney Pictures/WaldenMedia decided to concentrate on another prequel instead and a rewrite to The Magician’s Nephew. It didn’t work out also since the studio was unable to acquire ownership rights of the series of books in the year 2011.

It appeared that the chances of a sequel were not going to occur. However, Netflix purchased licenses to Narnia books and declared that they were planning to adapt them into films and TV series. It was in 2018 however, and there’s been no news since, despite the fact that the streaming company (presumably) retains an interest in Lewis books.

We are sure that we will see a return to Narnia in the near future, but it’s likely to be an update rather than a sequel to the films which preceded it. It is not surprising since many of the actors from the beginning have gotten older in their roles, but Ben Barnes could feasibly return as Prince Caspian in The Silver Chair should that be approved for a sequel to the films that preceded it.

A new adventure awaits The Goonies

The rumors of a sequel to The Goonies, the popular 1985 adventure film have been floating around for a long time, but despite Goonie’s motto of never giving up, there’s a good possibility that a sequel will not ever happen.

There are a variety of reasons for this, obviously. One reason is that the original cast is grown-up now, so it’s unlikely that there will be a straight sequel to the previous one in the event that the cast reunited as adults to embark on a new treasure-hunting adventure. Richard Donner, the first director of the film, passed away in 2021. His death further slowed the prospects of an upcoming sequel. There’s also Warner Bros, the studio behind the film’s first release which has shown that they are not interested in sequels despite the box office record-breaking success of the original.

However, we shouldn’t give up hope! Like Top Gun: Maverick proved in the past, a sequel to the 80s can be an absolute box-office hit, so should Warner Bros are taking note of this, they may approve The Goonies 2 at some moment. It could follow the example of Maverick and become a sequel to a classic featuring the cast from The Goonies’ first film instead the new generation of children or the kids who were part of the initial Goonies who are inspired by their parents’ model, set out into a new adventure.

As we wait for more announcements of a sequel there’s still a chance for us to revisit our world from The Goonies as Our Time A series that was which was inspired by the film will be available on Disney+ at some point in the near future.

The return of the terrifying realm of Van Helsing

The 2004 film Van Helsing was an ambitious action movie featuring Hugh Jackman as the vampire hunter in the title. However, critics dug their teeth into the film and ripped it up to shreds in some extremely harsh reviews. This was probably the reason why the sequel was pulled even though the original film smashed its budget with the $300 million it brought in its box-office debut.

It’s not surprising that there was no sequel because Underworld is a gothic story that was set in the world of vampires and werewolves and was later to have a number of sequels despite the negative reviews the films in this series received. Van Helsing is arguably superior to the other three and, while it wasn’t the film it could be but it wasn’t the disaster that reviewers claimed it to be. Personally, I found it to be an enjoyable film and had some great action scenes and an enthralling performance by Jackman as the monster slayer.

There have been rumors of a VanHelsing reboot in the past, particularly featuring Overlord Director Julius Avery at the helm. It is likely that the reboot is still in development however there hasn’t been any news on the planned project in the past few years. It’s not likely to be the case that Hugh Jackman will return to Wolverine if it’s an update rather than a sequel. This is quite regretful, since his time as Wolverine has been great preparation for a follow-up to Van Helsing.

A holiday day for Ferris Bueller

If you’re a huge fan of John Hughes’ classic teen film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you will be pleased to learn that a sequel to the film is being planned by the team responsible for Cobra Kai. The sequel won’t follow the adventures that follow Ferris Bueller, the infamous lazy slacker Matthew Broderick played in the film’s original. The sequel, Sam and Victor’s Day Off will be a look at the valet’s in the 1986 film, who took Cameron’s father’s Ferrari and drove it around Chicago.

Here’s the question. Are we really in need of the need for a Ferris Bueller sequel that doesn’t feature Broderick’s character? We think that the film could be decent because of producers’ Cobra Kai credentials but it seems rather insignificant. A film with Ferris at the center is more logical and could have the character taking an off day of work (probably after setting up a complex device to imitate his ailing voice to make a phone call to the company he works for) to go on further adventures with his friends Cameron (a who is back Alan Ruck).

John Hughes planned a follow-up film years ago, but the idea was a disaster, believed to be due to the fact that Broderick did not want to play the part. However, since several 1980s films have been slated for sequels with the likes of A Christmas Story and Beverly Hills Cop There could still be a chance for a second film featuring Ferris. The film could be built on the story we’ve already discussed or be a story about Ferris as a father struggling to create a family that is akin to his character characteristics.

Another trip with the Griswolds

In the 1980s, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his family entertained the audience with their mishaps on vacation in three hilarious films. They returned for their fourth film, Vegas Vacation, in 1997, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as the ones which came before. In 2015 it was a plan to revive the franchise featuring Ed Helms taking on the part of Rusty Clark’s son and the focus was on his family’s road trip through Wally World, the destination that was the preferred destination for Clark along with his extended family members in the first 1983 film.

Chevy Chase was a guest performance in this reboot, but his comedic timing was not as good as it had been in the previous Vacation films. But, Helms was still good value for the role of the father who is struggling, and even though the film did not receive many favorable reviews and I was not a fan, I enjoyed watching it. In that sense, I had high expectations for the sequel! But Vacation’s bad performance seemed to have slowed the sequel!

If a sequel is ever made the possibility is that it will be a direct sequel to the one that preceded it. It was the last movie that put Rusty with his entire family traveling on the plane to Paris The scene could be a model for a movie similar that is similar to European Vacation, the 1985 sequel to the Griswold original. Or, perhaps the Griswolds embark on an exciting trip Down Under, as there were plans to make release an Australian holiday film to Clark as well as his entire family in the 1990s. We have to wait and see, that it happens, but if you’re a big fan of the Vacation films, you may be interested in launching an online petition to see the return of the Griswolds!

Return to Earth to E.T.

When ET called home in 1982 and we all cry when his crew members came back to Earth and returned him to his home planet. But what was the next thing that happened? We didn’t get to watch a sequel to the film, so we don’t really know but there was a book called ET: The Book Of The Green Planet which explored ET’s journey back to Elliot.

There was a concept to make a sequel movie that was titled ET 2: Nocturnal Fears however, it was not approved, possibly due to the fact that the concept was too frightening for kids. There’s more information about the subject in this article. There hasn’t been much discussion regarding an ET sequel in the time since then, and this might be a positive thing since it could weaken the impact of the first.

But in the making, even with Steven Spielberg at the helm, there’s still a chance to make a sequel just as good as the original film. The sequel could have ET returning to Earth hoping to meet Elliot, Michael, and Gertie as they were. However, because of an unexpected twist in time that they’d appear to be much older (as would be expected given their age). Or, ET could meet another human child, possibly Elliot’s son. And if ET was a parent himself both families could embark on an adventure together.

However, it’s unlikely we’ll get another film featuring ET, the beloved alien – why does ET insist to break our hearts? But there’s a four-minute film that was released within the last couple of years ago that demonstrates what could be the possible scenario for an ET sequel might appear like. So here we go our top 10 choices for films we’d like to have a sequel to.


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