The Shining (1980) Ending Explained, What’s Danny’s truth?

Shinning Plot Synopsis Shinning Plot Synopsis

Jack and his wife Wendy and Danny, his son Danny relocate to a hotel deserted, where they encounter a powerful evil force working. The peace and quiet within the hotel soon make Jack too violent to manage. Wendy and Danny are trying to find an impossible escape once Jack has lost all sense of sanity.

Where is the hotel?

Overlook Hotel is situated within The Rocky Mountains. The region is devoid of people and the hotel much more. When Jack arrives the manager, Stuart Ullman advises the guest that the previous caretaker at the hotel went insane and killed his family members, and then committed suicide. Insecure, Jack does not listen to the suggestions.

How does their time in the hotel begin?

From the beginning, the atmosphere at the hotel was eerie and negative. While Jack appeared to be smiling, however, everyone else was beginning to feel the impact of the evil. Soon, Danny starts having unsettling visions, nightmares, and even seizures.

The condition of his health is worsening This is a concern for Wendy. Wendy informs Danny’s doctor that Jack has dislocated Danny’s right arm following a night of heavy drinking. She is worried that something similar could happen again due to the strangeness of the location.

Is Jack’s health declining?

Jack isn’t having the moment of his life, and it’s apparent in his appearance and behavior. Jack is always becoming more bizarre. He has nightmares of hurting his family. When Danny asks him if he’s thinking of harming the family, Jack suspects Wendy must’ve poisoned his ears.

Then, Wendy finds out that the book Jack has been working on is only one line that is repeated. The line reads “All work and no play is what makes Jack an uninteresting boy.”

His facial expressions emit only a sense of violentness. Wendy is aware that it’s only an issue of time until Jack hits.

Are ghosts roaming around the hotel?

Yes, many. Danny has numerous bruises on his body when his visit to the room number. 237 to inquire about the situation. The poor kid can’t identify the culprit. Jack also sees a female who appears to be a ghost inside one room. beautiful lady who transforms into a disgusting old woman.

Additionally, Jack develops a kind of unspoken relationship with a bartender ghost who permits him to drink alcohol without cost. He keeps seeing people and speaking to them.

Does Jack murder Wendy or Danny?

Confident that Jack is on her way to Wendy, Wendy arms herself with the baseball bat. She knocks the man unconscious and seals him up in the pantry. Jack is released by ghosts and quickly follows his family members with an Axe. Wendy assists Danny to get out of the hotel by opening windows in the bathrooms.

While Wendy is away, Jack rips through the door and attempts to murder Wendy but Wendy fights back. Hallorann appears just in time to get his snow-cat, and is able to distract Jack. In a fit of fury, Jack kills Hallorann.

Danny is pursued by Jack through a massive hedge maze, where he beats Jack and gets away. Then, Wendy finds Danny, and they quickly leave with Hallorann’s snowcat. Then, Jack dies of extreme cold.

What is really the story about Danny?

Danny is telepathic and has abilities Hallorann calls the “shining.” Danny has visions of the past and future. It’s the reason it’s not incorrect to think that Danny predicted the mental collapse of his dad. Danny is Danny who contacts Hallorann in order to help his family by sending a psychic SOS. The mystery that we are left with is whether Danny altered his course in the dark through his abilities.

The final scene of the film shows Jack in a 1921 photograph alongside Overlook the hotel’s staff. Did he be the one responsible for the hotel’s emergence to be haunted? Most importantly did Danny be aware of his father’s past life? If yes, that will explain why Danny chose to do what did he did.

It’s possible that Danny intentionally led his father through the hedge maze in the knowledge that he’d be trapped and then be frozen to death.


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