When will After 5 release? Here’s everything we know about the series finale

After All

Despite the negative reviews, the After movie series is still a guilty pleasure for many young adults. After is similar to the book series that inspired it. It follows the story of Tessa Young (or Hardin Scott) and their turbulent relationship which began in college.

They were first released in cinemas across the globe, and later on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The series has released four movies that have been released since 2019, following the titles of the main After novels, titled “After”, “After We Collided”, “After We Fell” and “After Ever Happy”.

The fifth book of the series, titled “Before”, is a new narration from the first book through the eyes of Hardin Scott. It is unlikely, however, that the movie to follow the After series’ conclusion will not focus on the story of the fifth book. The series finale is expected to be based on the second part of the fourth novel.

Although the movie series doesn’t see many notable performances by side characters, Josephine Langford (who plays Tessa) and Hero Fiennes–Tiffin (who portrays Hardin) has received favorable reviews.

The After movie series has been a star for teens who are looking for romantic movies to watch. You may be wondering what you can expect from the fifth installment of the After movie series, given the ending of ‘After Ever Happy. Here’s what we know about the final movie of the After series.

What’s the After Movie Series?

The After series is about Theresa Young (Tessa), and Hardin Scott. Tessa meets Hadin in college and falls in love. Tessa, however, decides to keep her forbidden romance with Hardin.

They are now separated and have moved out of college. Tessa moved to New York to pursue college while working as a waitress. Hardin, who was struggling with alcohol dependence, has turned his life around and published an author.

The movie ends with Tessa being unhappy with Hardin because he made their private lives public after writing his first novel about their turbulent relationship. Will Tessa take Hardin back? Or will their love fail to endure the test of time and lead them to part ways?

What can you expect from After Everything?

It is possible that Tessa might leave Hardin in the series finale, as the fourth movie ended with Hardin and Tessa having a fight over Hardin using their personal lives to plot his debut novel. Before she arrived in New York, Tessa was a bright student. She moved there with Landon, Hardin’s stepbrother.

Tessa might be able to get into college, meet more people, and finally forget Hardin. Although it seems unlikely, Tessa could be able to take Hardin back once more. According to the books, Hardin is a changed man after their happy ending.

The fourth movie also contains a shocking revelation that Tessa can’t have children. This seems like a perfect conflict point for the couple as they try to figure out how to move forward in their lives. It seems unlikely that the makers would make this into a plot device.

Who will be the star of After Everything?

It is clear that Josephine Langford will reprise her role as Tessa, and Hero Fiennes Tiffin will play Hardin. The movie series is known for casting supporting characters in recastings. It is therefore not surprising that other actors will be appearing in After Everything. The Main leads explained that Chance Perdomo and Carter Jenkins were able to reprise their roles in After Ever Happy and After Everything.

When will After Everything be available?

Although the makers have not made any official comments on the release of the final After movie yet, it is possible to speculate about the date for After Everything. The release dates of the After movies, which were released between August and October 2019,-2022, suggest that After Everything will be released sometime in the first half of next year. We will update this page if the producers provide more information on a final release date for After Everything.


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