The White Lotus – Season 2 Episode 1 “Ciao” Recap & Review


Daphne Sullivan is the first character we encounter at the resort at the premiere of episode 1 in The White Lotus season 2. The opening scene takes place around a week prior to the timeline that will be in the spotlight this season. She is getting ready to leave the hotel the next day and greets guests that have just arrived. She takes a final dip. Just as she’s getting ready to enter the pool, she sees an unidentified body floating. Valentina the resort’s manager, White Lotus resort in Sicily, Italy arrives on the scene. Rocco another staff member of the resort informs her that the bodies of guests who were at the resort were found. There is a chance that trouble could soon befall the resort’s staff in the way of liability.

A week prior we begin, we watch the delighted guests make their way on a boat towards the lodge. Valentina is standing with her staff, and waves to the guests in unison, just like the way they greet guests in season one. Rocco hasn’t had enough wine glasses with him which has irked her. In the city, Mia as well as Lucia, two of their friends travel toward the port. The former is an escort, but Mia isn’t. Mia is unhappy about her boyfriend’s desire to marry a girl and is utterly in love with the other girl. Lucia insists that they attend the parties and she reluctantly acquiesces.

The guests include The Spiller pair – Harper (Plaza) as well as Ethan () and Ethan () Sullivan couple – Cameron and Daphne Tanya McQuoid Hunt (Coolidge) as well as The Di Grassos – Albie, Dominic, and Bert. They are welcomed by Valentina. Isabella who is a member of the staff members is a lover of Bert who never seems to be off the mark despite his age during the entire episode, along that features the women in the team. The husband of Tanya, Greg (both from season 1) has arrived at the lodge. Tanya has also brought their assistant Portia who is a source of anger for Greg who specifically requested her to take Portia home.

The Spillers and Sullivans have a connection. Ethan, as well as Cameron, were in college together. The former sold his business to make the sum of a million dollars. The two couples share rooms adjacent to one another However, Harper isn’t keen on mixing too much with the other couple. The rooms have views of Mount Etna and are decorated with wood panel walls and chic Renaissance paintings. Bert is constantly flirting with Isabella as she brings the two to their bedrooms and during the conversation, the reason for their visit is disclosed. They’re visiting their distant relatives, the mother of Bert who lives in the village of Testa del Acquo. Dominic is on the scene and sends away Isabella.

He’s experiencing family issues and has been cheating on his wife. His father is Bert, and Albie’s father. While on the phone we hear Dom’s wife insist that he never call her again, and also leave their daughter Cara also alone. Harper is wary of the Sullivans and is not thrilled with the idea of spending additional time with them during the trip.

Lucia and Mia Arrive at the hotel, however, Valentina is able to spot them and expel them from the hotel. Portia is exhausted with Tanya’s erratic behavior and meets Albie who is in the middle of an underwater swim. The two begin to talk before Bert is thrown off the staircase nearby, and they hurry to get him picked up.

After breakfast At brunch, the Spillers find out that the Sullivans are in an individual bubble. They’re very different in comparison to the Spillers. If you are looking for an analogy, watch the movie Vacation Friends. Spillers are similar to the black couple, and Sullivans are similar to those white people. This is how they distribute energy in the scene. When Harper is dragging Cameron and returns to their bedroom to get Ethan’s swimming suit He consciously changes the mirror in front of them to where Harper is able to see naked. Tanya has a strange vision when she is in her love with Greg which throws him off somewhat. The two have a fragile relationship. Tanya is still very unpredictable in her character despite being in a relationship with anyone in season 2.

The next night, Lucia and Mia dress in a snazzy outfits to sneak into the resort. Lucia has a client, and Mia accompanies her just to be with her and not talk to her. Tanya is able to see Portia at the table and gets scared. She was given strict instructions to remain inside as Greg would be furious should he see her. She gets around that bullet.

The Di Grassos are having a bizarre conversation concerning Bert’s sexual prowess. it doesn’t go to anything. There’s a bit of conflict between Spillers and Sullivans as well. The latter are able to quietly laugh and exchange glances as Harer refused to allow Ethan to take a fish order because she is not a fan. She notices them and requests the fish for Ethan to get the situation under control.

Everyone retires to their bedrooms and Lucia is seen heading toward a room. Albie is able to see her walking down the hall, but is unaware that she’s going to the room of his father. Giuseppe who is the pianist who is playing for the evening walks up to Mia. At first, she’s eager to meet him since she also wants to be an artist. However, when he inquires about “the price for the night” she becomes angry and leaves.

The Spillers are able to hear Cameron and Daphne have a romantic moment in the opposite room and then retire to sleep. A picture is worth the world in a thousand words. We will see more of it in the next episodes.

The Episode Review

The first episode of season 2 of White Lotus hints at a similar story structure to season 1. The tone and tenor are exactly the same. The bigger ensemble is also the same characters, but with some distinct characters that look promising. However, despite the common approach and treatment of the themes, the first episode of season 2 doesn’t have the same problems as season 1.

It appears to have an independent mind and it’s up to us to can separate the two stories. Jennifer Coolidge is a refreshing appearance, and her comical skills in this environment are unrivaled. She’s the main attraction of the opening for me. Season 2 is an inviting invitation to the world of adult fun and holiday revelry.


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