Wild Croc Territory Season 1 Review – A guilty pleasure to sink your teeth into

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I Need A Bigger Boat. If You Have The Ability
Sink or Swim
Don’t Be Restrictive
Trouble In Paradise
Escape Artist
Feeding Time
Don’t Be a Mess!
Wright or wrong
The Reckoning

Wild Croc Territory is the ideal reality show for those who want to indulge in a guilty pleasure. It’s a show with simple, but potentially dangerous, concepts, lots of real tension, and a great cast of characters. While the show is filled with plenty in the form of forced action and concoctions (which we’ll come to) but there’s plenty to keep you entertained for the duration.

The group we are watching is led by Matt Wright who catches and relocates crocodiles in order to keep people secure and guard the crocs. The group is located in the Australian outback, Matt is joined by an impressive group of players comprising Willow, Jocko, and later in the future, Finn. They’re blessed with plenty of equipment, as well as helicopters, cages as well as an off-road vehicle.

The majority of episodes in the first half followed the same structure, with every croc that is captured being with its own unique operation name. Beginning with Beefcheeks and moving to water-bound crocs such as Noah or beyond. Every chapter is focused on a croc or two and is interspersed with footage from Matt’s family (including Kaia, his wife Kaia, and Banjo’s son) or of Matt’s family (including wife Kaia and Banjo) and footage of the sanctuary.

The show goes on in the second half, it brings more variety to the mix, and includes an episode in which there is the bull shark trapped in a pond, and the big snake that is trapped within the pond, which gives Kaia an awe-inspiring scare.

But, some of the tension throughout Wild Croc Territory is diminished somewhat by the absurdly contrived situations. In the final episode 1, the boat they are using to take out Beefcheeks is unable to fill up and is stranded in the middle sea. In another instance, a person goes overboard while trying to capture the creature. While these aren’t necessarily bad mistakes, sometimes it seems forced, and to be honest, the tension can be too intense when they attempt to control or get the crocs away from danger and into a safer location, so it’s not necessary.

Although this isn’t Crocodile Dundee, there’s enough to be a lot of fun Wild Croc Territory to make an enjoyable viewing regardless. The tiniest of scenarios aside it’s the ideal kind of show to watch in the background as you’re browsing through your phone or having dinner. I’m guessing that’s exactly what Netflix is hoping for with this show.

It’s not detrimental to the series, though, because there’s a good chance that you’ll be much more engaged in the show than you are on your smartphone. With 10 episodes that are a hefty challenge to go through, there’s plenty to get into. the experience is definitely worth it!

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