Will there be a Bullet Train 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Bullet Train 2

The action film Bullet Train was a big popular with audiences. If you liked this fast-paced thriller then you may be looking for another sequel.

However, will we get Bullet Train 2? Or could this particular train continue to be delayed for an indefinite amount of time? We know this as of the date of writing:

What exactly is Bullet Train About?

David Leitch’s latest film is a story about Ladybug an experienced killer (Brad Pitt) who boards the bullet train headed for Kyoto to find an empty briefcase. The job isn’t effortless, however, since there are several assassins aboard the train which include Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Tangerine as well as Joey King’s Prince, who stand behind Ladybug’s task.

Is there going to be a Bullet Train 2?

There’s no announcement of any sequels at the moment. Bullet Train is based on the novel by Kotaro Isaka. Although the author has written other works, however, they do not have any connection to the story the film is based. Therefore, we can’t be certain if there will be a sequel to the film. will be made.

Of course, it’s likely that the people who work in Hollywood are going to let the absence of a novelized sequel stop them from making a sequel. Since Bullet Train has domestic box office revenues of over $100 million, there’s the possibility of Ladybug and the assassins who escaped from the original film will return in another Part 2.

What could Bullet Train 2 be about?

Ladybug was able to overcome her enemies in the first film and developed a close bond with the other killer Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry).

It is possible that the sequel has the two teams together for a new assignment, with perhaps the remaining assassins from Bullet Train turning up to cause trouble for the two. Ladybug’s handler Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) in the film to come. She’ll likely get more of a role during the follow-up, though what role she’ll have in the film we’re not sure. She may simply assign Ladybug another assignment, or join him on his next adventure and even be his lover.

It’s just speculation, but should you have seen the film and have some ideas of your own ideas for the sequel’s storyline we would appreciate your thoughts below.

Who will the cast members be who will be Bullet Train 2?

Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt as well as Brian Tyree Henry will likely be back with Bullet Train 2 if it is approved. If anyone else is going to be part of the film, however, we will not discuss it here for fear of spoilers. There was no guarantee that every character would be in the movie, so there could be some omissions from the initial cast list.

When can Bullet Train 2 become out?

Since Bullet Train has been a success at the box office We’re guessing the sequel will not be too far away. But the director is currently occupied with other projects, and Brad Pitt is currently working on a film together with George Clooney, Bullet Train 2 will not be coming into your local cinema (cinema) in the coming year. We anticipate that the sequel will come out around 2024/25 when it gets the green approval.

This is all we know about at the moment, but we’ll keep this page updated whenever the announcement of a sequel comes out.

Would you like to see a sequel to Bullet Train? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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