Will there be a Hellraiser 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Hellraiser 2

The new Hellraiser is receiving praise from horror-themed aficionados. Although the film doesn’t depend on jump scares, there is a spooky numbness with the reimagined Cenobites. David Bruckner ensures that this name-brand reboot doesn’t lose the spirit of the original film while making a way that is it’s own.

The characters seem fresh and their dialogue once again complements the mature themes, and the deeper questions about the unending human greed engulf the viewer after you’ve watched the film. If you haven’t seen the film before it’s available to watch on Hulu.

The film does not have a definitive conclusion therefore there is a possibility of another film. It was the 11th film of the series that will soon complete the fourth decade. Will there be another Hellraiser 2? Are the possibilities for the sequel set to retire? What do we know as of this writing:

What exactly is Hellraiser about?

The title of the film originates from the tiny puzzle box which begins the chaos of summoning the cryptic humanoids who seek blood from mortals. They are playing God by making sure that the life of anyone gets slain by the knife contained in the box. This is not a thing that happens on its own or without warning. Roland Voight, a billionaire famous for his infamous rituals of the occult, initiates the whole process. After a few years, Riley, a recovering waitress, is forced to deal with the evil consequences of this act when she and her boyfriend have a gang of men steal the box from a defunct warehouse.

When they realize that it was concealed for the purpose of removing Riley’s brother in a panic, they search for ways to stop the disappearance. A terrifying figure, known as The Priest, or Pinhead is a terrifying figure who gives Riley an unattainable option to get her brother Matt back.

Will there be a Hellraiser 2?

The big question is. Although it’s impossible to believe of a rebooted Hellraiser isn’t going to have sequels, it’s not a certainty. The Hellraiser franchise has been around for over four decades and that doesn’t happen because the public doesn’t enjoy the series. Novella-inspired stories have brought thousands of millions to the company, and who wouldn’t want to kill the cash cow? Take a look at the entire list of American sitcoms. Literally, they all are at the very least one or two seasons shorter.

To let you down with the facts the truth is that it is true that there are no sequels planned currently. With the top-quality personnel on the set who have done an outstanding job of preventing Hellraiser from being entangled in genre traps and the impressive performances by the newcomers, The studio didn’t think of a sequel when they made the first installment. Do you think that this means that the updated look of Hellraiser isn’t going to be renewed to be an upcoming sequel? It’s hard to say. Bruckner has earned a large number of fans and his involvement in Hellraiser certainly will increase the number of fans he has.

The director is preparing to return to direct an additional sequel. If asked about any preliminary plans, he replied, “Should the fans respond to this? Should they have a desire to take it further? I’d be honored.” He’s a huge fan of the franchise and Clive Barker’s endorsement appears to have been a blessing to him.

What would Hellraiser 2 be about and when it will be released?

The novella of Barker spans multiple stories and universes. The version that we saw in the film was a remake and was different from the original storyline somewhat. If necessary, Bruckner can dive into the ideas of the novels and incorporate them into the film. In light of his choices in the rebooted version, anything currently is just speculation. It is however likely that the sequel will be based on the same formula as the previous franchise films.

For release dates, as far as the project is concerned, the filming of Hellraiser was completed in about two months. Post-production took another three. If the project gets greenlit in the coming year, we may have a sequel before the end of next year. Here’s hoping!

Do you want to watch the release of Hellraiser 2? What do you think will be happening in the sequel? What were your thoughts about the first film? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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