Will there be a Matriarch 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Matriarch 2

The matriarch, available Matriarch, which is available on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US Matriarch is a classic folk horror story that’s not suitable for those who are squeamish. If you’re not keen on the violence of the film and strange sexual encounters and are afraid of worms, then this isn’t suitable for you. If you’ve seen the film and liked it, despite its bizarre plots, you may be curious about an upcoming sequel.

However, will Matriarch 2 be coming out? Or do we have to look elsewhere to get our next dose of scary British horror? We know this as of the date of the writing:

What is Matriarch about?

The story follows an uncontrollably destructive young woman named Laura who is returned to the town of her childhood home to spend time with Celia and her mother. It’s evident from Laura’s first return home that the relationship between the two women is broken. It’s likely due to the abuse that Laura endured as a young girl and the resentment she feels towards the woman she had left twenty years ago.

Instead of running away from her mom for the third time, Laura chooses to stay to stay. However, the longer she stays within the community, the more terrifying her stay gets, because it soon becomes evident that her mother, along with all the inhabitants of the village, are caught under the influence of some sort of a terrifying force.

Do you think Laura endure her stay at home? We’re not going to discuss more details here, out of fear of revealing more spoilers. To find out more about the film read our review as well as the Ending Explained article.

Will there be a Matriarch 2?

As of this writing, a sequel to Matriarch hasn’t been confirmed. It’s highly unlikely that there will be another sequel due to the odd and abstract ending it seems to be a standalone piece and not a precursor of future chapters.

We believe that the possibility of a sequel to Matriarch isn’t likely. Since the film hasn’t received numerous positive reviews, it’s one reason that it is unlikely to get a sequel movie is unlikely.

What could happen in Matriarch 2?

If there’s another sequel, it would likely be about a new villager looking to dispel this mysterious entity that’s occupied the area of Laura’s childhood home.

Or, we could also see an alternative story, since there is a possibility of the story of Celia and her husband who died and how the rifts within their marriage led to the birth of the “matriarch who the villager became dependent on.

It’s just speculation since we aren’t sure if it will happen. sequel to the film. What do you think will be the outcome of Matriarch 2 if it is granted the green light? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

When could Matriarch 2 be released?

If a sequel is approved it is possible that it will come out in the next year, possibly during Halloween to scare people who go to the movies.

We think Matriarch 2 is unlikely, don’t set your expectations up in case you’re hoping for announcements of a sequel or a prequel. If we do learn of any news on the subject, we’ll make sure to update this page in the event of news, but for now take a look at Moloch Midsommar, Moloch and In the Earth If you haven’t already done so, as they are great for fans of frightening folk horror.


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