Will there be a Monica O My Darling 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Monica O My Darling 2

Will there be a Monica O My Darling 2

Director Vasan Bala has been busy earning appreciation for the latest, retro-themed murder mystery. The follow-up to 2018’s Mard Ko Dark Nahi Hota is constructed in the same way and has a nostalgic twist. It’s currently the top-rated film on Netflix and has been on the top since the first day of its launch. If you haven’t yet streamed it yet, here’s a reminder to do it! If you’ve already done so, check out the review as well as the final explanation for the twisty plot.

There’s a particular reason for us to write this particular piece, and we will reveal it in the near future. Monica closes with a dramatic conclusion that leaves enough room for a sequel. What we know (as of) about the possibility:

What is Monica O My Darling about?

The title suggests the subject on which the story is centered is Monica (played by Huma Qureshi). However, she’s doing it for the wrong motives. She’s a secretary at Unicorn Robotics and is simultaneously infiltrating three men with the pretense of having their children. Jayant (played in the role of Rajkumar Rao) is the only remaining member of the trio, while the others have been killed. In essence, Monica O My Darling is a murder mystery, but also a play about who will die the next. Bala blends the noir elements of filmmaking in a few scenes with the vibrant spirit of 1980s cinema when costume and music were more lively and vibrant.

The answers to all the questions you may be asking following the screening can be in our final detailed article.

Will there be a sequel to Monica O My Darling?

Even though the film ended with a dramatic cliffhanger the possibility of a sequel is not thought of. It’s a tough task for the producers to think of an original sequel in the face of all the production of content. Sequels aren’t common however Monica is a convincing argument for one. The overwhelming reception from critics and viewers alike should prompt serious consideration to consider an additional film even if the idea seems a bit out of reach now. Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam 2 came out almost seven years after the launch of the original, and it was hugely successful commercially. That’s a lot of time.

Although unlikely the plans and possibilities for an actual sequel could be, however, we have some intriguing details to report on the “possibility” mentioned by the director Vasan Bala in an interview.

What could happen in Monica O My Darling 2?

If you’ve watched the two films of Bala, you’ve noticed Supri (played by Radhika Madaan) in a surprise appearance as a character in Monica. Supra is the protagonist in his earlier movie Mard and her appearance in Monica isn’t a coincidence. Bala expressed his wild notion that “the universes of both films are connected” to provide an exciting reason for people to go to theaters. A crossover would let most of the characters return in their respective roles without affecting the tone or tone of the film.

Also to be determined is whether Jayant did indeed make it through the final scene in the movie, something that is highly unlikely. However, you won’t know. It was a “slithering serpent” when it was about to get through the mud.

When could Monica O My Darling 2 be released?

We don’t have any information on a timeframe at this point. But don’t be expecting to see it out any time very soon. Productions could go for a long time in India however, never say never!


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