Will there be a Pinocchio 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Over the past several decades, Disney has released several live-action versions of its cherished animated classics. The Jungle Book, Dumbo along with Beauty And The Beast are among the films and, in September of last year, Pinocchio was presented as the live-action version of the 1940 classic.

If you liked Pinocchio and would like to see more adventures for this wooden character, then you might be intrigued by an upcoming sequel!

There will be a Pinocchio 2? Are the possibilities of a sequel being swept by whales?

We know this as of the date of writing:

What exactly is Pinocchio about?

Like in the 1940 version (and every other variation of the classic work by Carlos Collodi) The animated wooden character Pinocchio is made to come alive with the help of The Blue Fairy when his lonely maker, Gepetto, wishes he could have an infant son.

Gepetto is thrilled when Pinocchio starts to move and talk on his own but the puppet, completely free from strings isn’t satisfied with the status of a talking puppet. He is determined to become an actual boy, and using Jiminy Cricket off on a string of adventures to show the Blue Fairy that he is worthy of becoming a real human with the hope that she can make his dream become a reality.

While on his quest, Pinocchio falls foul of the evil Stromboli and a huge sea monster, meets certain trusted and less-than-trusted friends, and learns important life lessons from his journey of self-discovery. At the conclusion of the 2022 remake, we don’t witness Pinocchio change into a human-like boy. This is just one of the ways in which this version of the story differs from other versions. However, in the final voiceover of Jiminy Cricket, we discover that, if the rumors are true, Pinocchio d

Is there going to be an Pinocchio 2?

There’s no confirmation of the sequel Pinocchio at the moment, however, there is a possibility for an eventual sequel. We’ve already mentioned that we’re not seeing Pinocchio transform into a human as in Robert Zemeckis’ 2022 remake and we may be seeing Pinocchio’s transformation in Pinocchio 2 if it’s ever approved.

Interview by Variety the producer Jacqueline Levine hinted that a sequel might be in the works when she was asked whether she would like to create a “Pinocchio Cinematic Universe. She stated:

“Hard to say, but I guess we’ll test this one out. I hope that people will love it just as much as we do and that’s the beginning of more stories. There’s certainly a place for this story to continue which is why I think we’ll find out. .”

Jacqueline’s nose did not grow, so it’s possible that she’s really willing to consider the possibility of a Pinocchio 2. Although, despite her optimism people have been critical of the latest adaptation, and it is currently regarded as not a success. Therefore, don’t be putting your hopes on Part 2. Part 2.

What would Pinocchio 2 What could Pinocchio 2
We said that Pinocchio 2 is likely to have the puppet transformed into a human. If the sequel gets the green light, it could be that the character gets involved in several more mishaps before the transformation happens, and it is possible that the Blue Fairy might give him another test to show his worth.

It’s just speculation since we’re not sure that there will be a sequel. If enough people wish for a celebrity for a sequel there’s a chance the case that Pinocchio 2 will eventually spring into existence, even if we have low expectations.

Who might be in Pinocchio 2?

If a sequel gets the green light Tom Hanks would likely return as Gepetto who is a kind and old wood-maker. Cynthia Erivo would probably reprise her role as the Blue Fairy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth would likely be back to lend their voices of Jiminy as well as Pinocchio.

Other cast members could return, like Lewin Lloyd, who played Lampwick in the original film. The casting of the cast is dependent on the individuals who pull on the ropes at Disney since they may bring in new members in the event that the initial cast is busy to be able to come back for a follow-up film.

When can Pinocchio 2 be released?

If the cast members from the first film return, we’re unlikely to get a sequel until 2024, as a number of the principal actors are currently working on several other projects.


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