Will there be a Rorschach 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Rorschach 2

In terms of filmmaking with a tense plot and an enticing storyline, The Malayalam film industry is described as one of the excellent businesses in India. Since the last couple of years, in light of the spread of the pandemic, lovers of film have been flocking to film industries across the globe, which is why there has been a growth that is Malayalam. Malayalam movie industry.

In the past, he was known for his infamous roles over the past five decades the mega-star Mammootty has recently begun to become more adventurous in the stories he decides to tell, and his 2022 films are a testimony to this.

His most recent film, Rorschach seeing immense success across the globe, the tense psycho-thriller neo-noir is receiving lots of positive reviews on the web. The dramatic climax which is open-ended is making fans wonder whether there’s a sequel to the film.

If you have seen the film you’re probably thinking if there’s going to be another film. There isn’t any information available regarding it yet. This is the information we have about a sequel that could be a possibility in Mammootty’s Rorschach:

What exactly is Rorschach about?

Through its 150-minute runtime, Rorschach tells the tale of the story of an NRI man who is named Luke Antony who has recently returned from Dubai. After a mysterious accident, Luke’s wife Sofia disappears. To add to the drama, Sofia was pregnant when she vanished.

Bewildered by her wife’s disappearance suddenly, Luke reports the incident to the police. Since there’s no trace of Sofia in any way, the police conclude that Luke’s wife has been assaulted by an animal and recommend that he leave the area.

Luke decides to locate Sofia himself and makes friends with an old villager named Balan. But it becomes clear that Luke is more involved beneath the hood than the first impression suggests. The tale of Rorschach isn’t difficult to unravel and right immediately you will realize that his motives are more sinister than the public is led to believe.

As the story develops its true motive of Luke is exposed and the audience is able to know what the story is about. Apart from the revenge-ridden Luke and the other characters, Seetha as well as Dileep (despite his brief appearance) leave a lasting impression.

Is there a Rorschach 2?

Although there’s not much talk about Rorschach having a sequel, people can still hope for a sequel to be released in the near future, given the overwhelmingly positive reviews that the critics and audience have been giving the film. At present, there are no concrete plans to make this sequel from the creators.

With the budget for the film being made, it is extremely likely that we will see another film that will continue from the same place we left off in the film that was first released.

The filmmakers are still keeping their distance regarding a sequel, but the film continues to go well in Indian and international theaters, which is a great reason to continue to be told about Luke’s journey.

What would Do Revenge 2 be about?

If a sequel happens, the authors have a lot of options to pick from the way it ended. It’s a bit unlikely that Luke could escape from isolation in a solitary prison. One possibility is that this could have been the imagination of Luke and Luke is in the white room of Dubai.

It is not clear when Luke was in prison, and it’s possible that the torture in the white room occurs after he surrendered. One theory suggests Luke is finally able to bring Dileep’s ghost to his knees after seeing Sujatha’s death as well as Seetha’s absence of affection for him.

In a state of despair, with no anyone to rely on the ghost of Dileep actually is seeking to be free. It’s likely that if there’s Part 2, it will most likely focus on Luke getting his revenge on his wife’s death, by punishing Dileep while making Sophia free too.

When can Do Revenge 2 be released?

If a sequel gets the green light, there’s the possibility that it will be released by next year. However, since it doesn’t appear to be in the process of being developed We may have to wait until the middle of 2024 for more information. Those who are optimistic can put their sights on an announcement at the end of 2023.

If we do learn reports of a sequel we’ll update this site as needed.

Do you want a follow-up Rorschach? What were your thoughts about the first film? What do you think could happen in the sequel? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!


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