Will there be a Speak No Evil 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel

Speak No Evil 2

A few horror films do not are able to shock and bewilder us due to the innumerable amount of copies of films that are released on a regular basis. See No Evil is that very rare film, however. It’s a terrifying tale that has a twist that’s hard to guess for many and it packs a powerful impact in its final moments.

If you’ve watched and loved Speak No Evil, you may be looking forward to another sequel.

However, will there be a Speak No Evil 2? We know this as of the date of writing.

What exactly is Speak No Evil about?

Christian Tafdrup’s dark, the spooky film is about a Danish family who encounters a friendly Dutch family while enjoying a vacation in Tuscany. The family is later invited to spend a weekend with the family at their Netherlands home, but they quickly find themselves regretting their decision when the hosts are uncomfortable.

Initially, they feel uncomfortable as their hosts play music loudly and appear to be flirting on the floor in front of them. However, as the weekend progresses the situation gets more uncomfortable and they begin to realize they’ve been enticed into the trap.

What will happen the next time? There are no spoilers in this article, so to find out more, read Speak No Evil for yourself or check out our The Ending explained article, which provides more detail about the movie.

Is there going to be a Speak No Evil 2?

The sequel Speak No Evil hasn’t been made public and we’re not sure when a sequel will be released. This is disappointing, however as the first film is receiving plenty of praise and praise, we wouldn’t be amazed if another sequel was made public within the next few months.

What could happen in Speak No Evil 2?

The sequel will likely concentrate on the family that caused the life of the couple to visit hell in the original film. The characters would be on another vacation, getting acquainted with other innocent families. The plot would follow the format of Speak No Evil with the two families having a time of their own in the Netherlands. Similar to the original film it would be all hell to begin to rage but instead of being an exact replica of the events in the film Speak No Evil, we think that directors and writers will include a few twists in order to keep us guessing.

When can Speak No Evil 2 be made available?

There isn’t any news of any sequels at this point It’s not possible to say with certainty. The director for Speak No Evil doesn’t have any projects in the pipeline at present (according to the information on the director’s IMDB page) therefore it could be that he’s got time to put Speak No Evil 2 into production. If that’s the case there could be another sequel in 2023. However, until we hear from an official source the speculation is only speculation.


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