Will there be a The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is now available for streaming on Netflix. Although it’s not exactly a good film, you may want to watch it if you’re looking to find an appropriate family-friendly film to enjoy with your children during the Halloween season.

In the film’s conclusion, there’s a surprise revelation that suggests that there might be an upcoming sequel. However, will there be The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2? Are the bad reviews ruining the chances of a sequel? Let’s look at the evidence:

What is The Curse of Bridge Hollow about?

The Curse of Bridge Hollow follows teenager Sydney (Priah Ferguson) and her father who is a snob about Halloween Howard (Marlon Wayans) when they join forces to protect the town they live in from an old spirit that is unleashed after Sydney ignites a cursed lantern. The spirit creates that the Halloween celebrations in the city are alive and, as they are filled with witches and zombies and witches, the residents of the town are frightened when their city is destroyed by these horrors.

Are Sydney and Howard helping save the day? We won’t divulge spoilers in this article, but if you want to learn more about the film take a look at the Ending Explained article which delves into the plot of the film.

Is there an update on The Curse of Bridge Hollow?

We suggested that the final scene in the movie could hint at an upcoming sequel. At the time of this writing, The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2 hasn’t been officially announced at the time of writing by Netflix.

The likelihood of a sequel depends on how the film is received by audiences. Since it’s only recently been released so far, we don’t have any figures on the number of viewers yet, but we do think the film will be a hit with families seeking something to enjoy during the holiday season.

The Adam Sandler-starred Hubie Halloween was a hit with Netflix viewers in October 2020. The Curse of Bridge Hollow is specifically crafted for the audience who loved high-energy comedy. Of course, Hubie Halloween didn’t get another sequel, and it’s possible that it will be the case that The Curse of Bridge Hollow does not get Part 2 either. However, since Netflix’s latest film is unfinished, there is a possibility that a sequel might be made.

However, critics haven’t been particularly kind concerning The Curse of Bridge Hollow and this could hurt the likelihood of the sequel. We do think that the watching figures will be the primary determinant so don’t give up If you’re interested in seeing the sequel.

What can occur What could happen in The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2?

In the film’s first installment, Sydney and Howard put an end to the scourge that has been afflicting their town. However, when they accidentally slash an attic wall and find something that may lead to further problems to come in the near future.

If a sequel gets approval from the FDA, it will most likely follow from the discovery. In terms of what might happen, however, we cannot be sure. We’re not going to tell you the details of what they discover, but trust our word when we state that there are many curses that are waiting for the world to unleash in Bridge Hollow.

When will The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2 be released?

The first film was Halloween-themed, the follow-up is likely to come out around the end of October 2023 or 2024 right in time for the Halloween season. Or, the creators of the first film could decide to make a Christmas sequel featuring Santa Claus and snowmen Santa Claus decorations coming to life. We believe this is because there’s a brief mention of Christmas as well as the extravagant events that the residents participate in in the first film. If this is true then we might be seeing The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2 in December of next year.

Who will be returning to reprise their roles in The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2?

Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson are likely to return to the role if granted the green light as well as we can expect to be seeing Kelly Rowland, the actress who plays Sydney’s mom make an appearance too. Rob Riggle, who stars as the neighbor to Sydney as well as her entire family is likely to return, as well Lauren Lapkus, who stars as the town’s mayor may also be in the movie.

It is assumed that the film is approved obviously If we do get more information about an upcoming sequel, we’ll keep this page updated with the latest details.

Would you like to see The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2?

What do you think should happen in the sequel? What did you think of the first movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



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