Will there be an Enchanted 3? Here’s what we know about another sequel

3. Enchanted

Will there be an Enchanted 3

15 years after the original movie was released, Disney+ released the official sequel to Enchanted -the movie Disenchanted. While the 2007 film was a wacky version of fairy tales, which turned the standard tropes upside down The 2022 sequel is more focused on the mother-daughter bond that exists between Giselle as well as Morgan. There is a wicked queen as well as a cat that talks to you and the world’s most enchanting magic.

What is Disenchanted about?

Disenchanted opens just a few years after the end of Enchanted. Giselle, as well as Robert, are parents to baby girl Sofia and Morgan is entering her teenage years of depression. The thought that a change in the location will benefit them The family relocates to the town of Monroeville.

However, their troubles persist. even when Morgan and Robert do not seem to be happy, Giselle uses a magical Andalusian wand to ask for the perfect fairytale lifestyle. It appears that her wish is fulfilled. Monroeville transforms into Monrolasia, Morgan is chirpy and Robert is off to fight Ogres and dragons. However, Giselle discovers something has gone wrong when she starts to become a shrewd stepmother. In addition, the wand appears to have been taken. The magical scroll that was brought together with the wand warns her to reverse the wishes prior to the night’s stroke.

There is a full description of the way Disenchanted is concluded in our Ending explained article.

Is there another Enchanted film?

3. Enchanted

Given the actors’ age and the maturing Morgan is, there doesn’t appear to be much room to make another entry into the world. We believe there will no sequel in Enchanted. Enchanted franchise. The makers have not issued a public announcement regarding another follow-up to Disenchanted.

What could Enchanted 3 be about?

With the fact that Giselle as well as her entire family have now at home in Monroeville and it’s hard to imagine new adventures that would be thrilling for viewers to enjoy. However, when magic is at play, anything can occur within either Andalasia or Monroeville. If the series continues it is possible to be seeing more fairy-tale tropes changed in the way Giselle, Robert, and Morgan confront the realities of everyday life.

When can Enchanted 3 be released?

3. Enchanted

Disenchanted came out about a decade and a half after the original film, however, it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll need to wait 15 years for a sequel. Particularly because the story is based on the same characters and isn’t the same without these characters. If there was another Enchanted film, it will occur in the next few years. Of course, this is only speculation, as there have been no official announcements concerning a third Enchanted movie.


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