The Winchesters – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Teach Your Children Well

The second episode of The Winchesters opens with a teenager and his partner walking through an open forest, where the male Barry is murdered by an animal that appears to be his father. The next Dean describes how parents bear the obligation to teach their children numerous things, like the methods of killing monsters.

Dean says it’s essential for kids to get out of their parent’s authority before things turn ugly. In the meantime, Mary, John, and their companions follow Samuel’s path in a bunker packed with dead Zombies.

Ada says she destroyed the bunker, and there isn’t any information regarding the Akrida any longer. Mary is certain that her dad was in the bunker, too, and she has details regarding the Akrida. She believes that Samuel survived as she has found shell casings that have his initials inscribed on the.

Lata asks herself how Samuel wasn’t contacting Mary after she claims she believes that casings are his method to contact her. At this point, the zombies awake and begin fighting the group. Lata attempts to open the rune container but she isn’t able to open it.

They are able to eliminate each zombie one by the other until one gets close to John and attempts to consume John. Mary takes out the creature and kills it and saves John. After their fight against the zombies is over at an end Mary says that Samuel always hides his tracks.

She states that there has to be a reason why the casings weren’t removed from the bunker. Mary discovers a newspaper article on a recent activity that was a monster just where they discovered the casing.

She thinks they should take a look. Carlos clarifies that their main aim is to locate their Men of Letters and not to go out on a hunt in the midst of everything. Like Samuel, Mary does not listen to him and decides Ada must stay put and fix the ranebox.

She announces that John, Lata, and Carlos will be hunting. Carlos asks Mary out, but he still follows her around on the hunt. At this pace, John and Mary get to talk and she tries to assure him that he is perfectly fine.

The next day, John is back at his home with the other children and his mother is furious at him for not coming to her just like his father. John gets into a heated argument with his mother and goes out without ever speaking to her.

Mary is the one who teaches John how to follow the primary rule of hunting and then hands him their fake IDs. Carlos along with Lata is inside the hotel room when Carlos expresses his displeasure over Mary being bossy and following the footsteps of her father.

Then, John and Mary return after Mary tells them they had an investigation to conduct at the local police station. She recounts the story of how Barry disappeared after the commune he was in with an unknown girl who was named Maya.

After hearing about the commune Carlos begins to dance and Mary and Lata accompany him as John observes. They dress up for the occasion and then attend the gathering. The four are divided into two groups to discuss Barry.

Carlos and Lata discuss with Maya and she speaks about the head of the commune, Clyde. John, as well as Mary, are talking with Clyde who believes Barry was a fugitive in California. Mary is concerned about Clyde and observes the necklace he wears.

The group is directed by her to look into the identity of the monster from the evidence they have. In the meantime, Ada arrives at the Winchester garage to see his mother.

She attempts to explain where the man is coming from however Millie Winchester is annoyed even more. Ada refers to Henry Winchester which gets Millie’s interest. Millie gives Millie an address to dial in case she wishes to contact John.

Ada informs Millie to be aware that the tree Henry had planted outside of their home was Jasmine to safeguard them. This leaves Millie perplexed. Four rookie hunters are convinced that the creature they’re seeking is a shapeshifter and begin their hunt for it.

Clyde is walking through the forest with an attractive woman when he sees someone, and then gets caught in the trees, just as Barry did. He spots the woman he was speaking about as a creature, who creates fear in him and makes him disappear. Mary informs John that her family would hunt for shapeshifters by spotting the creature’s slip-ups while they strolled through the forest.

John speaks about how he’s annoyed with his mother’s voice when Carlos calls to check on who Clyde has been seen with. Carlos says that Clyde was also missing. Lily declares she believes that the “shifter” is known as the “mimic” that is only killed with copper weapons.

Carlos says his belief that copper is the one item he doesn’t carry weapons made from because it’s a cheap metal. John proposes an idea to help the two men when Lata comes in and suggests that they might be facing an entirely different kind of species.

Mary does not want to listen to her suggestions and she asks John to make use of the copper pipes that were left in the hotel to create the weapons. Lata is still picking the flower in purple for her to study in the future. Ada is in the clubhouse making tea with the jasmine that she picked out from Winchester’s house. winchester house.

Lata calls Ada inquiring about the flower that is purple and Ada informs her that the information on the subject is within one of the books that she carried. Following the conversation, Ada sips the tea and enters a state of trance while she writes on the piece of paper.

John is back in the hotel, removing the copper pipes. Mary, as well as Carlos, are on their own at first. Mary is curious about why he is so angry with her. Carlos says that she was acting similarly to Samuel and was not paying attention to the other members of her group.

He demands Mary pause and reconsiders her choices for leadership. Lata walks by and provides proof that the creature that they are tracking for was not a clone. She explains that the creature’s name is La Tundra she was once a woman.

If the children did not obey her, she cut her up to serve the flowers in her garden which contained the same purple flowers they found. Lata states she believes the beast preys upon unruly children by transforming them into familiar faces in order to attract them.

Mary realizes she has to know that John had also spoken about getting his mother off his back and they rush to assist John. While John is taking the weapons, there’s an unwelcome knock at the door.

John discovers Millie at the front door and attempts to assure her that everything will be fine. Millie is trying to entice John to explain why Henry didn’t like him and she blames him for being the reason they parted ways.

Millie gets caught in the act of slipping up something John did not discuss with her. She realizes the creature was his mother. He attempts to take her down by using the copper pipe, however, it is La Tundra puts up a fight, shocking John.

When Mary, Lata, and Carlos arrived in the room, John is missing and there are a lot of flowers were left behind. Mary is unable to stop herself from regretting her choice and apologizes for not listening. Carlos laughs at Mary’s apology and they go out to find John.

Mary allows Lata to assume the reins of the hunt because it was she to find the creature. John, Barry, and Clyde are trapped by roots. The trio consisting of John, Lata, and Carlos are trying to find ways to get rid of the beast.

Lata states that they can utilize a part of her magical powers to kill her. Carlos is convinced that there’s a way to discover the creature. In the meantime, La Tundra is back to the torture of Barry like his dad after John is able to escape.

He is able to free Clyde as he prepares to assist Barry after La Tundra transforms into Millie and vows to punish him. Carlos is the one who leads Mary along with Lata to the trail of flowers in purple while John combats La Tundra. The creature takes on John when the three show up.

Carlos and Lata Carlos and Lata Barry as Mary is trying to battle La Tundra. Mary advises John to harm this creature, breaking its leg. the latter is able to accomplish this, instantly killing her. The next day, John and Mary drop Barry off with his father. The duo is happy with the alliance.

John meets with Millie to help her reconcile with her, and introduces Millie to Mary. Millie has fixed Mary’s car, and John speaks to her while Mary departs. John apologizes to Mille for bringing out his father’s anger on her.

Millie says to John that she loves him as his father did as well as their families. Carlos and Mary talk, reconciling their differences while Lata is reading the book. John arrives to join them as Ada comes in and tells them the lead to the box.

She guides them into her hidden chamber, where she was writing in a haze of unintentional scribbles and then her notes. Ada states the fact that she managed to access the traces left behind by the demon that possessed her with the potion.

She’s certain that her notes will assist to identify the demons who were responsible for the last hunt and will be able to answer all their questions. In the meantime, a woman wearing an eerie black cloak walks into the forest, wearing purple flowers. She also takes a red-colored bead that was found in La Tunda’s lair. She is surrounded by a group of wolf-like creatures that follow her.

The Episode Review

It appears that we’re returning to the old days of monster-hunting, and it seems that the absence of John along with them wouldn’t cause any harm. I’d like to watch the show that follows Mary’s adventures prior to her meeting John The character may be her ex-flirt.

We are aware that John was a hunter only following the time Azazel was killed, then the premise for The Winchesters seems to be the biggest plot hole. If we think of this show as a new television show without any connection to Supernatural This episode was actually quite fascinating.

There’s something off with how the producers are preparing the series. We have no information on the lore other than the way Sam would spend hours on end researching before heading out to go hunting. We also have nothing about how this jasmine tree Henry established was intended to safeguard Mary.

The ending of the episode is very intriguing to me and I’m curious to find out who it is that is taking the monster La Tunda’s essence – from the forest following the hunt. It promises the possibility of a larger, more complex monster in the next episodes.


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