xception Season 1 Review – A beautiful story spoilt by ugly animation

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The survival of the species

There’s been a lot of talk about 3D anime and it’s not hard to agree on its drawbacks. You can compare Ghibli’s newest lifeless films to the brilliance and quality of something such as Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away There’s no debate. I’m not an uninformed “back in my day” reviewer because certain 3D animations are absolutely breathtaking (hello, Love, Death & Robots) however some of these movies just feel…dated.

The technology has improved to the that now videogames compete for the same level of realistic graphics. Due to this, 3D animation isn’t up to speed and it is apparent the latest projects that feel old-fashioned before they’ve ever hit an online streaming platform.

Why am I talking about this? It’s important to keep in mind that Exception is a fully 3D animated film and, while the plot is quite good but the quality of animation and graphics is mixed at best, and it’s likely to turn people off.

It’s a pity because there’s a lot of promise in this book and the plot has hints of the 2018’s Nightflyers which is woven into the questions of existence that were that are explored in Westworld as well as an intriguing mystery which is a fast-paced and enthralling horror/thriller mix.

There are some fascinating thought-provoking discussions that are also a part of the book on what it means to be human. These difficult concepts are sure to make Exception shine.

The plot is fairly straightforward however it adds layers of complexity as the episodes progress. The main idea behind it is that humans have been exiled away from Earth and are forced to settle in another location. Scouting teams are sent to search for a planet that is suitable for terraforming. They are focusing on Planet X-10.

The team, which are copies of their human counterparts created by a 3D biological printer are able to emerge out of “the Womb” to complete their task. However, one of them is printed incorrectly and deformed, turning into an animalist and potentially threatening the entire project. How will the team stop the monster? Or will all of them die in the dark depths of space?

It’s an interesting premise and is aided by a unique and varied variety of characters. Lewis can be described as one of us. Misprinted monster, Mack is the steely warrior on the ship, Oscar will is the tank sporting big muscles and a level-headed, and Patty and Nina are the main characters with equal brilliance and charisma.

They do possess a good amount of backstory, and as the episodes progress, we get to know details about the motivations behind them as well as what drives them to stay in the game.

Episode 6 introduces one of the most delightful twists that completely alters the story beginning with Episode 6. From there, the rest of the story accelerates and is topped with a satisfying finale that concludes this tale without leaving it with a huge ending. While it might sound like a minor spoiler but it’s important to note that If you’re looking to learn more about the story, but aren’t keen on the cartoon, this could cause you to reconsider your curiosity.

As I mentioned earlier, 3D animation can be a huge obstruction. There are some parts that appear quite nice, but some scenes are not very appealing to view. Certain scenes are extremely saturated and stick out as a sore thumb and others have character models which are oddly lit against the backgrounds. Then, I tried this using four different devices, a laptop, a tablet, as well as a desktop PC as well as a huge TV, and all of them, had the same results.

Animation-wise, characters appear uninteresting when they move however, there are more appealing graphics in PS3 games that are worrying, to say the least.

If you can get past the obvious there’s a good sci-fi film in the middle of this. The plot is well-developed with well-crafted twists, and the concepts are quite thought-provoking.

The 3D animation will continue to be a point of contention for many and it’ll be interesting to know the figures for those who decide to quit before the show is over. Should you decide to be a bit flexible (pun completely intended) with the animated sequence and the story, then Netflix’s latest sci-fi film definitely has enough to sink the teeth of.


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