Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review Recap & Review

Lingering Feelings And Rebounds

Young Royals Season 2 episode 1 begins beginning with Wilhelm having romantic fantasies about Simon. It’s clear that he is still in love with Simon. He awakes and goes to the room where his late brother was and is unable to speak to his mother (the princess).

There is also tension between him and August and he isn’t willing to have a conversation with August. August isn’t able to go during the holidays and he stays in school. He continues to pester Wilhelm with phone calls and pleas for forgiveness however Wilhelm promises to live his life as hell.

At Simon’s home, Simon house is calmer and he’s focused on music. Sara brings home a friend of hers named Marcus. Marcus notices Simon singing and gets amazed Simon invites Simon to Karaoke.

As the holiday season comes to an end students are back in school. Sara is thrilled because she has been accepted into the manor house. She will share the room with Felice. The girls present her with an introduction as per custom. They challenge her to attend the third-year celebration and perform something that could bring the party to an abrupt halt.

At her home, Her mother is worried since she’s not checking her phone, or responding to messages. Simon goes to Instagram and finds a clip of her lighting a fire flag at the event. In panic and devoid of options, Simon calls Marcus and wants him to drive his son to school.

When he arrives at the party, he meets Wilhelm who’s at the party to disrupt August and challenge his authority. Wilhelm assists him in getting to Sara via Felice. After talking to Sara, Simon leaves immediately and Wilhelm regrets that they never had an opportunity to chat.

The next day, Simon confesses to his colleagues that he felt overwhelmed when he came across Wilhelm at the event. Their friends of Simon believe that Wilhelm is a toxic person and should get over it. Rosh suggests that he forget about Wilhelm and rebound, and he points out that Marcus can be a solid rebound.

In the morning parade, the principal announces that the Queen will be in the school for the 120th-anniversary ceremony. The principal will also inform the crowd that Wilhelm will give his first speech in public during the ceremony which is recorded. Wilhelm is shocked to learn this, but his handler informs him that when he was asked to address the queen, instead of just not ignoring her, he would have been informed.

Alexander is set for a surprise when Alexander has returned after his dad gave an enormous donation to the school in order to clean the air about his drug scandal. Alexander believes that August was the one who was the one to scold him. Alexander believes Wilhelm is subordinate to August because he does not agree with his actions of August. I’m curious how he’ll react when he discovers that Wilhelm put Simon under the bus to save Simon.

Alexander isn’t the only one unaware of who he betrayed, August thinks Sara reported her to Wilhelm. The two confront Sara who denies the accusations and tries to calm August down. August states that his concern is over how his behavior will affect others, and fearful about the possibility that his family is preparing how to respond. Being close to her makes her sweaty and angry and she flees.

While at school Simon strives to stay friendly with Wilhelm even though it’s difficult. Simon is also thrilled that Simon has been selected to sing a solo during the celebration of the anniversary. After class, he talks to Wilhelm and requests him to give the singer some space since he’s still wounded. Wilhelm attempts to convince Simon, however, Simon quits and texts Ayub to join him at the Karaoke.

Simon and Ayub go to Simon and Ayub go to a Karaoke bar, where Marcus is delighted to welcome Ayub and Simon to the Karaoke bar. Marcus is giddy. Marcus invites Simon to sing with him in a duet. They appear to be having fun, and Ayub uploads the video to his Instagram account, talking about the feeling of being an outsider.

Wilhelm watches the video and is frightened. He phoned his mother and accuses her of everything. He informs her that does not want to be like his brother or an heir to the crown. He demands that she make him a speaker and declares that he won’t give a speech at the celebration of the anniversary. Royal aides and royals alike are stunned by his rage.

The Episode Review

The season begins right from where we were in season one. It’s evident there is a sense that Wilhelm and Simon are still in love with one another. In the present, Simon is hurt and is trying to get over it. At this point, Marcus seems okay and I am happy with the fact that Simon is out in the open.

Wilhelm is shaming August for his betrayal, and it’s working because August is terrified. But, Wilhelm should also be accountable for his actions. Wilhelm was the one to come up with the plan to get Alexander to pay for the drug.

I understand the reason he took away after having seen Simon and Marcus together, but he should handle the situation much better. The whole scenario frustrates me because there’s an immense amount of pulling them away from one another.

Finally, Sara is attracted to August, and she is aware that she’s playing with fire and that If she gets too close to him, she’ll be burned. I hope she can reign her in since we all know that August is only concerned about him.


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