Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

I Will Not Leave

Episode 2 from Young Royals Season 2 starts by having the Principal come to collect Wilhelm because Queen Elizabeth is trying to get in touch with him. Wilhelm requests the principal to explain that they are busy and is unable to speak to her. He sits quietly and watches Simon perform before leaving.

Sara celebrates her 18th birthday. the girls from the manor wake her with cake and a birthday song. They present her with a pair of expensive riding clothes as a birthday present. She initially refuses them, but they inform her that it’s customary to give them money and buy a birthday present for each other each year.

Simon is later able to meet her and presents her with an anniversary present from their mom as well as Simon himself. Sara isn’t happy with the new jeans for riding and informs Simon that she has an even better brand. She wants to return Simon’s gift and receive the cash instead. She’s also not returning home to celebrate with her family but will attend an evening in her pajamas at the manor along with the girls. Simon does not pay attention to her and instead phone calls Rosh as well as Ayub to say happy birthday to her.

Rosh Ayub and Ayub are more attracted by the way Simon is being treated by Marcus and he informs them that they could go to the same movie at Marcus’s house. Rosh and Ayub believe that this means they’ll be sleeping together. Sara is also of the opinion that it’s an excellent idea, and suggests that Marcus is the better option because he doesn’t have to be protected every minute of the day.

The issues at the boys’ home are becoming out of control and the third graders are angry because the crown prince isn’t honoring August. Wilhelm says to Vincent that it could be the time to pick an alternative perfect. Vincent suggests Vincent would be an ideal prefect and assures him that he will receive higher votes than August.

They go to their classes in the morning, and Wilhelm is told to get out of the class. A guard (Jan-Olof) is on hand to remove Wilhelm from the school. Following his phone call to his mother in which he threatened to make public his desire to not be his crown prince royal family has taken action.

Wilhelm refuses to leave and is unable to leave the desk while his guards try to get him to leave. They are forced to contact the queen who meets with Wilhelm. They agree that Wilhelm will continue to attend school if he accepts the role of royal prince very seriously. Wilhelm will also make a speech during the celebration and go to therapy. His mom will call the bodyguards and discuss strategies to assist him in his transition to the age of 18.

Following the incident, Wilhelm inquires Simon to decide if they want to ignore each other. He says Simon of being uncaring, but Simon informs him that he approached the principal and asked her for help. Wilhelm wants Simon to reunite but they must conceal their relationship over the course of two years. Simon does not agree and says he doesn’t intend to reveal his identity.

At the pajama party, Sara accidentally discovers that Felice knows that it was August who recorded the tape. The girls also discuss their past relationships, and Sara confesses that she is unmarried. The girls inform Sara that sex can be different when they are with someone they feel a connection with, which is what makes her curious.

The next morning, Sara is able to sneak into August’s room and informs her that Felice is the person who informed Wilhelm about the tape. August is concerned about the possibility that Felice is going to make public the details, however, Sara suggests that he think about making a public apology prior to Felice confronting him.

She also requests to kiss him because she’s curious about something. August is kissed by her and informs him that she was right. The experience was more enjoyable since she is a fan of his. She tells him straight away that she’d like to get sexual relations with him, and leaves August in a state of panic.

Simon decides to go to a film evening together with Marcus at his home. Simon is the first to move and then kisses Marcus. Marcus is politely telling Simon that he’s interested in him and wishes to build a relationship slowly. Simon is confused and reluctantly agrees to go to the cinema.

In the meantime, Wilhelm attends his first therapy session but isn’t willing to speak about himself. The counselor assures him that the discussions are confidential, however, Wilhelm continues to refuse to discuss his feelings.

Infected by Wilhelm’s suggestion, Vincent decides to rally the support of other boys to impeach August. August is angry, to the delight of Wilhelm who is delighted to take away all the things that August is passionate about.

Felice is deciding to bring Wilhelm into the range so that she can keep him away from his Simon situation. However, Marcus is the person in charge of those who shoot at the range. Wilhelm maintains his cool and informs Felice the truth that Simon, as well as Marcus, are currently in a relationship. He’s disappointed that Simon has left quickly as if he didn’t matter to him.
Felice encourages Simon to alter strategies and come up with strategies to make more time for Simon. In the evening, Felice tells Sara that she will not be riding anymore and is selling Rosseau. The other girls also offer the horses they have to Sara but she’s sorrowful about having to say goodbye to Rosseau.

The next day the rowers are headed by their new captain. They will race an obstacle course to determine who can be a part of the team. Simon and Wilhelm are late to start they decide to cheat and use an easy route. They cross paths with Marcus and Wilhelm inquires of Simon what he knows about Marcus. Simon offers him a ridiculous excuse of everyone knowing every person in a small town and doesn’t reveal that they’re dating. Because of the route they took, Wilhelm and Simon make the team.

After the morning run in the locker room, August checks his voicemail. Jan-Olof has left him a message to inform him that the queen has requested his presence the next Tuesday. Wilhelm also notices Simon receiving a text message. He investigates Simon’s phone and finds the message from Marcus saying he was grateful to him for his work the previous night’s events in addition to telling him how adorable Simon looked running.

The Episode Review

Wilhelm ought to have known that the royal family is not going to accept his rage without a fight. It was amusing to watch him gripping an office desk as his bodyguard attempted to exile him. I’m happy they found an acceptable compromise – however, it was temporary.

It’s more worrying that the queen has ascended beyond August. What is she doing? Whatever the case there’s a good chance that it won’t be beneficial for Wilhelm. It’s easy to understand why Simon isn’t keen to reveal Wilhelm’s friend and why he doesn’t be sure of his trustworthiness. Wilhelm demands more than he can handle, and Simon isn’t obliged to be a part of the relationship according to his conditions of Wilhelm.

Sara is so unkind and is always trying to be accepted. She needs to reflect on her own since it was disrespectful of her to inform Simon that she thought the girl bought her a better present. Isn’t it exhausting trying to appear to be someone else? I wish she could be her true self and feel proud of her childhood.

Finally, does anyone on this show know the difference between privacy and boundaries? They are constantly snooping around phones with each other!


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