Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Just Friends… Right?

Episode 3 from Young Royals Season 2 starts with August calling his stepdad, who is a lawyer, to discuss the legal implications of sharing and filming a sexually explicit tape. His father informs him that the situation is serious and that the penalty is imprisonment. August is worried about the possibility that the family could be following him, and that’s the reason the queen is eager to have a meeting with him.

Vincent is in the process of preparing the rowing team to play against their arch-enemy Sprucewood within three days. Vincent is upset with the absence of August in the practice and is taking the blame on Simon. Wilhelm is always checking on him, and Simon affirms that he is always trying to prove himself, as Vincent is the type of person who Vincent always accuse him of when things go wrong.

In the meantime, Felice informs Sara that her family has found potential customers for her horse, and they’ll drop by the next day to meet Rosseau. Sara insists on attending since she wants to meet those who will manage Rosseau and ensure that Rosseau is in good hands. Felice receives a text message from Wilhelm so she decides to leave Sara on the horse and walks into Wilhelm’s bedroom. Wilhelm invites her to dinner and contacts the Royal Court to order the meals that Felice is looking for.

Wilhelm admits to having a look through their phone with Simon and is aware that Simon was lying on his behalf about the relationship he had with Marcus. Felice sternly rebukes him for looking through Simon’s cell phone and instructs the man to speak to Simon directly. Wilhelm admits he is hurt to know that Simon has moved on, but it’s not his fault and believes he doesn’t have the right to inquire.

On the other side, Simon is hanging out with Ayub and Rosh who assist him in maintaining his endurance to row. They are also keen to find out what’s happening with Marcus. They inform him that Marcus approached them after he didn’t respond to his messages. Simon admits that he’s not sure what to do since it appears that Marcus is a fan of his and wants to get serious. Ayub and Rosh think that he’s stuck on Wilhelm and that’s the reason Simon is having trouble getting his mind off of it.

The next day, Wilhelm runs into Nils in the office of the therapist. Nils says that he believes the therapist is decent and that’s why Erik often saw him as well. Wilhelm is shocked to learn that his brother’s deathbed habit of going to visit a psychotherapist. He was always of the opinion that Erik dealt with everything in a private way to ensure that no one took advantage of their treatment. The fact that Erik was a client of the same therapist can help Wilhelm come out and discusses his feelings toward Simon.

In the class, Sara, Simon, and Wilhelm are enrolled together in the study group studying the same book. Wilhelm takes advantage of this to ask directly what the reason Simon was lying concerning Marcus is and the state that their relationship. Simon informs Wilhelm that they’re socializing, but they do not have a relationship.

The new owners of Rosseau arrive and seem to be a mess and Sara promises Felice promise that they will not let them sell the horse.

Simon gives his teacher the new arrangement and lyrics the composer has created to perform his song at the celebration of the anniversary. The teacher is thrilled and will speak with the principal regarding the contemporary rendition of the school song.

In the evening, Simon visits the stable to visit Sara and is shocked by her conversation with August. Simon is also there to meet Marcus and they talk openly regarding their love affair. Simon states that he is not ready, and Marcus states that he is ready to wait. Simon believes Simon is afraid that he could harm him as Wilhelm did, so he says he will not harm Simon. He vows to develop the relationship slowly and says he will be at the rowing contest.

Sara is able to sneak into August’s room after he wanted to talk to her. At first, she thought he wanted to have a sex session, but he simply would like to chat. He informs her of the queen’s call and she urges him to be honest and honest. They have sexual relations, and Sara is thrilled to be with him, but she conceals her location to Felice.

The day of the competition arrives, and the team loses as per the predictions, Vincent accuses Simon of the loss. Marcus arrives in the manner he was promised and cheers on Simon. When the match, Marcus comforts him with a kiss. Wilhelm gets to witness this beautiful moment. In the aftermath of the game, Simon becomes tired of having to be blamed for something that wasn’t his fault and decides to leave the team. The team also plans to go back to Sprucewood by playing a game of ‘egging’ their dorms later the same night.

August is in the Queen’s presence and was concerned without a reason. The queen has asked to have him as a backup plan in the event that Wilhelm is unable to stand the pressure of being a crown prince. Wilhelm is the official next to be the crown prince, even though the queen is not in favor of the decision. The queen believes his actions are inexcusable and says in no specific manner that she would remove her support for Wilhelm.

Wilhelm is angry after watching Simon and Marcus kissing, and he is trying to find some comfort in Felice. While they are hanging out in his room the next thing happens to another, and they have a kiss. They’re about to have sex… however, they get interrupted, and Felice flees.

The Episode Review

The thought of making August the second in line would certainly create a bigger gap between the two cousins. This isn’t a great idea considering the fact that August has always been jealous August has always been Wilhelm. If the sole obstacle to his ascendance to the throne is Wilhelm becoming a victim of pressure I’m sure the king will attempt to derail Wilhelm. He has already proved his ability to be dangerous, so how does this play out?

Everyone has been making poor choices in this episode, and it’s been a bit extremely frustrating – and yet deliciously scrumptious – watching. The next episode is sure to be fascinating as we discover the way Wilhelm and Felice manage their emotions. As it is a high-school incident, the rumors are likely to eventually reach Simon and I’m excited to see what his reaction will be.


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