Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 from Young Royals season 2 starts with Wilhelm texting Felice to inquire about what he’s doing. Wilhelm isn’t sure Henry the person that interrupted the conversation, is going to be sneaky. The truth is out and has been rewritten so that it is more violent. Felice is shagged and all eyes are focused on her.

In other places, August is very calm and content with the fact that he doesn’t have a blade hanging from his neck. He is very thrilled to be Wilhelm’s backup and has the chance of being King. It’s also been a good time with Sara because they are constantly sending one another flirty messages.

Everybody at school is busy preparing in advance for Saint Valentine’s day celebration. It’s among the oldest traditions of Hillerska where students compose love letters and poetry to their lovers and request to play a masquerade ball with each other in the style of the 17th century.

After lunch, Vincent asks Wilhelm to divulge what transpired during his meeting with Felice. Wilhelm is furious about the custom of snooping into the privacy of each other. He claims that they were watching a film, but Vincent affirms that Henry observed everything. Simon is furious to discover that Wilhelm was in bed with Felice and was making out the bed with Felice and then yells at him to leave the room.

He sends a text message to Marcus and when they chat, and he invites him over to the party. Marcus states that school events and balls aren’t his things, and invites him to watch films at his home instead. Simon declares that he will not leave the ball in the middle of the night since the choir is singing the song he composed to be performed at the school.

The following day, back at the school Simon is adamant with Wilhelm about not providing him with a heads-up on the incident with Felice. Wilhelm asserts that Simon does not have double standards since he also owns Marcus with whom he kissed the front of his. Wilhelm is asked whether Simon and Marcus are officially married, however, Simon ignores the question and states that at the very least Marcus is honest regarding their love affair. This is not a good thing for Wilhelm who insists that it’s Simon who has difficulty accepting the fact that his position as the crown prince.

After their dispute, Wilhelm goes to Felice and begins to rant about his fight with Simon. Felice is shocked that Wilhelm doesn’t talk about the gossip going around and their kiss. Wilhelm apologizes and confesses that he did kiss her to determine how it feels. Felice says they were in love and that it was unprofessional for him to kiss her knowing what she was feeling. Wilhelm says he’s sorry for the incident as he asks her if they are able to be friends. Felice acknowledges that she is no longer in love with him and is willing to remain friends. They decide to attend the masquerade ball with each other.

While this is happening, Sara and August are still going strong, and August admits to her that the next person to the throne. Sara wants him to be more exemplary than Wilhelm and not hurt her to ensure the safety of her family. August vows to not hurt her again and invites her to go with him to the ball masquerade. Initially, Sara is scared as she isn’t sure she wants Felice to discover their relationship, but August convinces her. Sara later reconsiders her decision and decides to stay with one of the ladies instead. The masquerade ball is where Simon is there along with Marcus And Wilhelm decides to switch strategies and become friendly with the couple. He informs Simon that he knows the two are no longer in love with Marcus and wishes him all the best for Marcus. Simon is astonished and walks from the house. they kiss.

he Episode Review

Simon is beginning to realize that he may be pushing Wilhelm to the limit. Throughout the entirety of the second season, they’ve not been able to resolve their problems because they don’t talk to each other. They’re hurting one another more through these games when they could talk about their issues and resolve the issue.

Sara is a smart girl but is in love with August to notice the ways his desires could cause them to fall apart. It is a person who committed such a sinful act to her brother, yet she trusts him with her heart. The secret romance will soon explode on her doorstep. She must be ready for the possibility of his deceit, particularly now that the guy believes he’s got an opportunity to become the next king of Sweden.


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