Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Impending Dilemmas

Young Royals season 2 episode 5 opens with Wilhelm taking a shower, and smiling happily about having a kiss from Simon. Simon is also home, sniffing at Wilhelm’s sweater and thinking about the possibility of it. Breakfast is served, and Alexander is indifferent towards Wilhelm after he learned during the ball masquerade that it was he who was the one who decided to keep him dry after the drug scandal.

In another place, Simon heads to the stable to greet Sara and remind her to return back for dinner. He has a hard time avoiding Marcus and is happy that he’s not in the stable. He informs Sara that he had a kiss with Wilhelm at the party, but is feeling like a bad person because he was at the celebration with Marcus. Sara reminds him that having a bad relationship with someone can make you feel as if it’s appropriate and he must be open about what he feels.

The anniversary celebration is just close at hand and Jan-lof will be there to ensure that everything is in place. August uses the occasion to show his good graces and show enthusiasm for the speech. Another alternative is to have August give the speech in case Wilhelm does not want to or is unable to. August has already begun counting eggs before the eggs are born.

Jan-lof is in charge of the choir’s practice and decides to change the song to the old-school song. He doesn’t want attention to shift toward Simon whom he is supposed to lead the choir on his own. He is of the opinion that this could throw the royal court into chaos because Simon is the boy on the sex tape.

Simon is angry and decides to get away from Wilhelm and informs him that their kiss was not a good idea. Wilhelm is worried about losing Simon yet again, so he informs him that he ought to be angry with August because it was he who took the video and then shared the video. Simon is furious because Wilhelm kept this from him, and is accusing him of doing exactly the same thing as his mom did.

Simon is rushing out and has a meeting with the two women, Ayub as well as Rosh who tell him to submit August’s case to the police. Simon isn’t sure if he has an opportunity against August and his royal family. Ayub and Rosh claim that they will back him and that Simon should think about reporting August in order to let everyone know the details of his actions, regardless of whether he is punished or not.

Then, Wilhelm calls his mom to discuss the situation. His mom informs him that August is next in line to the throne. He is informed it is because the Royal Court has decided that should he be unable or unwilling to make the speech, August will make it for the throne.

Wilhelm believes that it’s unfair and confides this to his therapist who inquires about the reason Wilhelm is so dependent on his family members to the point of not being able to enjoy his joy. The therapist assures him that it is his right to do whatever he likes and there is no obligation to follow the path the family wishes.

Following his discussion with the therapist Wilhelm meets with Simon and tells him that he’s willing to surrender the throne to allow August to be his crown prince. He says that should Simon announces August, there will be no need for an alternative plan, and will not be able to take back the throne. He states that he will not make it a burden on Simon to choose what August will do.

On the contrary, Sara is upset that Felice did not keep her word and made a deal to sell Rosseau to the bad guys. She makes an appointment with August, even though she is aware that August is furious at her for letting him down in the ball masquerade. She apologizes to August and he soothes her. The next day, August contacts his mother and arranges to sell certain homes.

After dinner, Simon tells his mom and Sara that he’s found the perpetrator behind the tape of sex and his mom agrees to notify the police of August’s arrest. Sara visits August and informs him about the imminent danger, and advises August to inform the police first.

Simon says to Wilhelm that he’s pressed ahead with plans to report the month of August to the police. Wilhelm starts becoming sick. He skips their group performance. Bestride, Simon visits him and they begin to fall in love.

The Episode Review

The stakes when we get to the final episode of the season are high and it is easy to feel the tension among the characters. Wilhelm even though he is scared is a bit scared, has been able to accept Simon’s decision to bring August’s activities to the police. I am interested to know the reasons August decided to sell his homes, even though there were tuition fees to pay, and refused to sell them. What’s going on?


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