Young Royals – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Taking Off The Mask

The conclusion season 2 Young Royals season 2 starts with Simon leaving Wilhelm’s bedroom to sort things out probably with Marcus and heading for the station in the day, along with his mom.

While August is calling Jan-lof in a panic to discuss his concerns, but Jan-lof quickly dismisses his call and reminds them that they rely on him not to cause them any trouble. In the meantime, Alexander knocks on his door to get him up then August invites him to come in with a playful grin across his cheeks. He is composing something. It’s written on his face.

And in another place, Wilhelm is practicing his speech when he gets an email from August requesting to make an urgent statement about Simon. In this meeting, August states that he’ll do everything possible to protect his Royal family. He informs Wilhelm that should Simon informs the authorities, then Alexander will be the one to be responsible and they will repeat by discrediting Simon as a swindler for his father’s medication. This puts Wilhelm in a difficult situation as he is required to safeguard Simon and stop Simon from reporting his findings to the authorities.

Simon visits Marcus and apologizes to Marcus for ghosting him following the masquerade ball, and for the way he’s been with him. Marcus demands that he accept responsibility for his behavior as an innocent victim. He declares that he is the only person to blame for all the drama that has occurred in his life. Simon asks Simon to let him go. In fact, they never were together, therefore I’m not sure if this is a breakup.

However, Sara is sad that the new owners of Rosseau are on their way to collect him. Felice is a bit embarrassed about her family’s decision to sell Rosseau to those who were not right, and she admits to Sara a couple of her wrongdoings. Sara also admits that she’s obsessed with her boyfriend August, and is hiding her feelings since she is afraid it could impact their relationship. Felice is shocked, but she tells her she doesn’t be sure about August and claims that he’s the most untrustworthy person she has ever met.

He then meets Wilhelm and informs him of August’s plan to get away in the sex tape story. Simon is intrigued by who was the one who revealed August’s plans to bring him before the police. Wilhelm as well as Simon are determined to confront August, and then locate August at the shooting range. Wilhelm takes his gun and threatens August to kill him if he does not divulge who gave him the tip.

Sara, as well as Felice, arrive at the same time and Sara admits to being the culprit. Simon is shocked by the betrayal of his sister, particularly after discovering that she knew for a long time that it was August who posted the video. She attempts to explain that she was motivated by the love of her family and believed that August would change his mind and turn into. Felice insists that she’s shameful for the things she has done to him, and to their friendship. Sara confronts August, and she ends their relationship.

Wilhelm chases after Simon and attempts to comfort him, but he tells him he’d prefer to be on his own and head to his home. He talks about the situation with Ayub, Rosh, and his mother and promises to defend his family as well.

The queen and king arrive for the celebration scheduled for the following day. Wilhelm isn’t happy. They attempt to make him feel better and talk to him about the day’s events over dinner but he is prone to anger and blames the other for hiding information that will lead to more serious issues.

At the time, Felice opts to switch rooms since she isn’t a fan of Sara. The house mistress attempts to make things better between them, but she does not succeed.

What will happen when Young Royals season 2 ends?

Prior to the beginning of the Jubilee ceremony, Simon pulls Wilhelm aside and tells him Simon wants him to stay with him. Simon doesn’t care if they have to keep their relationship a secret for as long as they’re together. He also informs him that he is in love with him.

August is thrilled to fulfill his royal duties alongside the queen and the king while they greet guests to the event. He sees Sara departing with her bags, and he is trying to convince her to remain. He informs her that he had sold his work to pay for Rosseau for her. She is not impressed and is angry because he isn’t able to comprehend the wrong he did. She boards an auto and contacts the police to report the crime.

At the end of the day, Wilhelm decides to give the speech, but midway through the speech, he alters his script. He admits that he was the person who was in the clip with Simon and turns to look shocked at Simon.

The Episode Review

Another time, Young Royals delivers a spectacular finale that continues to build momentum throughout the entire series. The surprise at the end was long overdue however, it was still shocking to watch. Wilhelm is able to take the decision into his own hands and comes out at his own pace. The writers did an excellent job on the scene.

Sara received what she was due and it will be interesting to see whether she learned her lesson. In August, it’s hard to imagine that he will ever be able to redeem himself. He is so high up in the mountains of ambition that he cannot even see the pain and pain he’s inflicting with his selfish acts.

The final episode ended with us asking two things: 1.) What happens with Simon and Wilhelm following his outrageous announcement? 2.) Did Sara have to report August’s events to authorities? We need season 3 as soon as possible!


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